PILL Box with Alarm for the Birth Control

Pill Box with alarm for birth control pills

PILL Box with Alarm for the Birth Control Revolution

Med-Q Pill Box eliminates Forgetting  Birth control Pills.

smart pill box reminder with alarms
pill box reminder with alarms

Med-Q’s Smart Pill Box uses 21st Century technology to eliminates Forgetting  Birth control Pills.    Women’s’ choice to prevent pregnancy is taking control of choosing how women live their lives. The Birth Control Pill  with some ways lets women around the world plan their pregnancies. Planned pregnancies mean they can make life choices without children.

  Controlling your Own Body

Women want a simple, reliable and affordable method oft contraceptive.  It must be safe, unlike old fashion methods.    Most forms of Birth control, other than a condom, do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases..   A perfect method that projects from everything simply doesn’t exist.  Do the research and pick the best option for your self.  if you use the pill, be sure to use a smart pill box with alarms so you will not forget to take your daily pill.

“ONE” Medication Mistake away from Pregnancy

A Smart Pill Box for Modern pills

We are celebrating the 50th year of the invention of the Birth control Pill.  There have been  many ways of preventing pregnancy over the millennium.   Now with the birth control pill in a smart pill box, there is finally something that works.   Rabbit progesterone pills are safe  birth control. Dangerous ways to terminate  pregnancies that have been used through out history are no longer needed

  •  Citric Acid
  •  Women would soak cloth in lemon juice and the insert it into their vaginally.
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Wild carrot seeds were recommended Hippocrates
  • Pennyroyal is a plant
  • Ancient Greeks  drank pennyroyal tea to cause an abortion
  • Blue cohosh is a Plant
  • Used by Native Americans. It has oxytocin, a hormone produced during childbirth.
  • Dong quai, Chinese angelica, known for its powerful effects on a woman’s cycle.  Taken early in the pregnancy it  caused contractions and induces abortions.

Ancient Myths for Birth Control

forgetting birth control pills
MED-Q smart pill box with alarm for forgetting birth control pills

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smart pill box
Med-Q Smart Pill Box

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