Pill Alarm for father with Alzheimer's

Pill Alarm for father with Alzheimer’s to take prescription medications

Pill Alarm make certain  father with Alzheimer’s remember to take prescription medications

Smart pill alarm box
Smart pill alarm box
 First, get a smart medication compliance system.  Second, make sure the pill Alarm box has reminder technology.  Third, make certain that the pill alarm has some type of flashing guide.  There are many pill alarm boxes available.  Your local pharmacy should have dozens to choose fro,  The old fashion pill box is not going to cut it.  Theses old pill boxes are just a pill organizer with days of the week stamped on top.  There is nothing that will remind the Alzheimer suffer when and what pills to take.  We at MED-Q Smart Pill alarm and timer recommend you seek your health care professionals advice on the best match.

Seek and get help and  support from others

First of all, it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help.  Hence, ask brothers and sisters as well as other family members for help with medication management.  In fact, this is especially important in the event that your a long distance caregiver.  For example, there will be times  when you need a backup.  To illustrate, perhaps when going on vacation. There are a plethora of  home health agencies.  These will  provide a wide variety of care option and services.  Example, be a combination of nurses coming in weekly or monthly to set up their weekly pill alarm.  In addition,  coordinate with the health care professionals as well as the pharmacist.  In addition, with the caregivers checking in on parents more regular basis.. A single Registered Nurse visit may costs up to $150 per hour.  On the other hand,  a licensed  caregiver costs between $18-21 dollars per hour.

MEDS-Q Smart Pill Alarm System was asked:

Automatic pill alarm
MED-Q Automatic pill alarm

Is  there  a way I can make sure Dad takes his Alzheimer’s medicine?  He has some other other health issues as well.  First of all, he’s 80 years old. Second of all, he takes medication for high blood pressure and  high cholesterol.  In addition, he takes  vitamins and a daily baby aspirin.

Here is the Answer

The MED-Q Medication Compliance system.  The #1 Pill Alarm with LITE-BOX Technology.  You set your smart pillbox for one or two daily pill reminders.  At the programmed time, ONLY the compartment holding that time’s dose will start flashing.  MED-Q doesn’t believe in tiny , little dots of light.  First of all,NED-Q’s flashing LIE-BOX means no decisions to make. Second of all, no decisions means no mistakes,  Finally, MED-Q virtually eliminates medication mistakes.  This being said, the smart Pill alarm is only useful for a period of time.  The disease will eventually make the MED-Q miss- matched for the disease’s stage.electronic pill dispenser with alarm and timer



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