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MED-Q offers the Best Electronic Medication Dispensers

Pick the Best Electronic Medication Dispensers


Why is the best electronic Medication dispensers so important?

Fact, seniors average 7 pills per day.  First of all, up to 90% forget their pills.  Second, up to 75% miss-dose.  Finally, med errors leads to over 100,000 annual deaths in the US alone. Moreover, , you always must remember to take your medication. As a person gets older, the amount of medications they’re prescribed will increase.  For example,  prescription medications  grow along with the number of birthday cake candles. To sum up, elderly as well as  their caregivers need help.  The best electronic medication dispensers are crucial., that creates a constant obligation of the highest importance.

How to Pick the Best Electronic Medication dispensers

Best Electronic Medication Dispensers

By the same token it is critical for the elderly to take medication when they’re supposed to.  In addition, it must be taken at the proper time.  Furthermore, inn the right amount.  Likewise, it must be made so accidental mix ups do not happen.   With this in mid, mix ups  can produce negative side effects.   Consequently it’s a problem that has to be addressed every day.Hence the need for the best electronic Mediation dispensers

Given that these senior memory issues make it almost impossible  to keep up with prescriptions and supplements. There is good news.  There is a Technological solution. There’s a whole market of electronic medication dispensers to review,  These modern pill dispensers have  automatic reminders  and guides.  In fact, this will help people who could use some aid. This ensures keeping up with prescription medications every day.

Here are some of the top selling electronic medication dispensers and automatic medication dispensers.

Estimated Price: $70.00

Electronic Pill dispenser alarm timer
Electronic Pill dispenser alarm timer

Med-Q Electronic Medication Dispensers is the smart pill dispenser.  The 21st Century pill dispenser is the solution to medication mistakes.  dimple to use and easy to operate , the MED-Q pill dispenser is like no other.  First, the alarm gets louder and louder until the meds have bee taken.  Second, the compartment holding that times pills will start flashing, Third the alarm goes for a full 5 minute.  Finally, if the meds are missed, the alarms will repeat every 30 minutes until take.  This pill dispenser has shown to have a complaisance rate in the high 90 Percents.

Estimated Price: $75.00

  • MED-Q Electronic Medication Dispensers
    MED-Q Electronic Medication Dispensers


LivingFine has 28 compartments to holds  28 days of meds.  In addition, each slot has 4 overlays.  This separates out the pills  as needed.   When the alarm sounds, LivingFine has a audio sound and visual flashing lights.  Designed so that deaf people are able to know when it’s time to take their pills. It also offers the option of locking the pillbox, to help protect users from potential overdose.

Estimated Price: $60.00

  • Phillips Lifesaver

The Phillips Lifesaver Medication Dispensing Service is a service that charges a monthly fee.  However offers great simplicity for the cost. Most home electronic medication dispensers need the seniors or their caregivers to set them up..   Phillips Lifesaver does it by itself. You  just need to load the medications into the dispenser,  then Phillips will do the rest.  The user  will need to press a button when alerted.  Subsequently, take the pill that has been dispensed. What happens if they miss taking their meds at any point?  To emphasize, , their caregiver will get a notification phone a call from Phillips.  This allows them to check in on the situation. 

Estimated Price  $55.00 per month

  • MedicationReady

MedicationReady has a big selection of medication dispensers.  As a rule, they will hold 28 days.  In addition,  dispense meds 4 times every day. Some of their dispensers are standalone.  These pill dispensers can easily programmed.  The more technologically advanced units are linked into to a telephone landline or cellular monitored . Specifically, alerts loved ones if a senior misses one of their medications.

Estimated Price: $55.00

  •  MedicationTime

The MedicationTime is able to dispense 28 pills per day. Health Care professionals need a key to open it when it’s time to fill.  However, it stays locked the rest of the time.  Again,  so patients don’t take too many pills and overdose. They way the pills are accessed, just turn the electronic medication dispenser over.  That times pill will  fall out in to the hand. 

Cost: $389.95

  • LiviPhillips

The LivPhillips has a sleeker look than most of the other pill dispensers on this list, resembling a fancy coffeemaker. It can hold a 90-day supply of up to 15 different types of pills.

Like the Phillips, it offers a monthly subscription and almost all of the work is done for you. You provide the details of the senior’s pill schedule online, pour each bottle of pills into the machine, and the product will sort and dispense them based on the information provided. If your loved one misses a dose, you’ll be alerted by text or email.

Estimated Price: $40-75 per a month

  • MedicationtimerCaps

MedicationtimperCaps are very basic. They’re nothing more than a pill bottle.  People put medss into with caps that include a timer. Moreover it is visible to see how long it’s been since the last time you took your meds.  To sum up,  so people do not  accidentally double or triple dose.

The TimerCaps don’t actually provide an alarm, which makes them less useful for those likely to forget to take their meds altogether, but many customers still love the product for helping them remember whether or not they’ve taken their pills yet. It’s not as sophisticated a solution as some of the others, but can still be a useful tool for many seniors.

Estimate Price  $20.00

  • Alert1

Alert1 is pretty simple to program. It provides up to four reminders a day and 28 doses. You can plug it in, but it also has a battery pack that can hold a charge for up to 48 hours for when you’re traveling or if the power goes out.

Estimate Cost: $150.00

  •  TabSafe

TabSafe has a monthly fee.  First, it links to a phone line.  Second, this ensures in the event that  a patient misses pills, the caregiver can be quickly notified. You can provide the details of the medication schedule through their website online and it will automatically integrate with the machine. Some medications can be set to dispense on an “as needed” basis rather than at specific times.

Cost: Depends on the local provider but averages approx $100 per month

That’s a lot of electronic medication dispensers to choose from.

To sum up the beset electronic medication dispensers is a life or death decision.  Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser’s goal is  to help.  The handy summary  above can help in care giving responsibilities.  The best pill dispenser is a personal choice.  Again,  features as well as price wills can help make the best decision.  Furthermore, the best decision could save lives.  The best medication dispensers system is what works best for you.

Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm Timer
Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm Timer
best electronic pill dispenser alarm timer
best electronic pill dispenser alarm timer










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