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Pharmacy Mistakes do Happen

Pharmacies Mistakes that can be Prevented 


Pharmacies are busy places

Pharmacy Mistakes do Happen

Pharmacist are filling over Twenty Five Scripts every 60 minutes. Even though they are not common, Pharmacies Mistakes may occur.  Usually having little impact or  harm  This being said, it is important to be cautious as well as what to do if you have concerns  about prescription medications..

Errors happen. While estimates vary, it’s believed that 1 percent to 5 percent of prescriptions filled in U.S. pharmacies involve some kind of error, says Gerald Gianutsos?, an associate professor of pharmacology at the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy.

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Most common Pharmacies Mistakes.  A prescription label with incorrect directions is the most common Pharmacy Mistakes.  

Pharmacy Mistakes  Most of the time it is not as common, however it is much more but more risky then when a man or women receives the wrong prescription pills.

Often pills use similar logos and spelling. The marketing term is “look-alike” names. These pills look the same when written down on a prescription pad as well as  sound alike.  These similarities have caused mix up with each other pills.

 A lot of the prescription pills have names that sound-alike as well as similar spellings.  To make things worse, they are usually set-up alphabetically on the pharmacy stores’s shelves.  This makes it a common occurrence to  grab the wrong one in  error.  I quick look doesn’t ensure accuracy.

The FDA  offers a list of drugs for Pharmacies Mistakes

This is a typical example of a mix-up, methylphenidate (this is the  generic name for the drug Ritalin.  This prescription medication is taken daily by children.  Proper dosing , meaning not forgetting or under/over dosing,  can control ADD ( attention deficit disorder in children) and methadone (a narcotic used to treat heroin addicts).

A drug interaction form a new prescription.  

Example., if you have a cold and you are taking antihistamine for relief from the allergy symptoms. If at the same time, one is on a preconception regiment that includes pills like,

you could be asking for trouble.  Different  concentration  of these in your Blood System can make you dizzy and make it unsafe to drive, according to the FDA. 

 When you pick up your pills open the bag at the counter and make sure they are correct. “Don’t just pay the bill and head back to your car.  Be sure to open the bag, look at it, ask any questions . ” If not this, at least make sure it’s what’s supposed to be there.  Make sure you understand what you’re taking and proper dosing,” says Natasha Nicol,? director of medication safety at Cardinal Health. 

Medication going to the wrong person.   Michael Cohen, ?president of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices says, ” Even though your name may appear on the outside of the bag, another person’s name could be on the pill bottle.”

7 day pill organizerSay yes to Pharmacist’s Advice.

Pharmacist are a great tool for help, and it’s free!  They will offer you vital info about your prescription meds an supplements.  Pharmacist-patient counseling sessions can sometimes uncover prescription errors.  Many individuals are unaware of their right to receive counseling  accenting and signing for their pills.  Never hesitate to slow down and say, “I need to speak with the pharmacist first.”

Be sure to ask specifically ,

What are the pills are for

How you should take it

How long you should be taking them

Should you take them with Food or Liquids

Will they interfere with drugs you’re already taking.

Will there be side effects

Make sure you have a list of your meds and a copy of all new scripts for when you speak with your pharmacist.Smart Pill Dispenser for deaf

The Inside Story

 Dennis Miller, RPh claims two categories of errors.   He worked in a store with a pharmacist who used to make many mistakes. One day,several customers bought back prescriptions that he had filled wrong.  The customers were outraged. . At the same time a very large chain was reported to be sending pharmacists to corporate headquarters for a  courses in error prevention.

Pharmacist responsibility too protect against  drug interactions

A pharmacist should recognize that a patient is taking other medications which may cause side-effects.  These may range from the prescribed pills becoming less effective, cause unexpected illnesses or other serious health consequences.

Drug interactions are categorized into three categorizes:

  1. The combination of 2 or more drugs  that  have interactions with each one and other.
  2. The combination with certain foodstuffs as well as beverages which react with each other. A typical example, mixing booze with some pain pills will cause  some serious issues. and,
  3. The interaction between the prescribed drug and an existing medical condition which can make certain drugs potentially harmful.
The Pharmacist ought to :

Most states have laws requiring pharmacists to offer face to face counseling to customers who pick up new prescriptions.

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