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Opioids Problems is Getting Worse

Opioids Problems getting Worse

An Opioids Mill

The Opioid Problem starts here. The doctor would see over 80 people every day.  Most of them  were given pain killers.  These Opioid, are being prescribing in exchange for profits. Most of the powerful pain killing prescription pill were not needed and were prescribed and paid for with cash. At the doctor’s clinic, or Opioid mill.   Dr. Russell Sachs would sell his patients drugs for cash. The drugs included Xanax, methadone, morphine as well as oxycodone.  This is the type of doctors that has caused opioids problems to sky rocket.

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opioid Problem

Opioids can be Fatal

And over the course of several years, 10 of his patients would die of accidental drug overdoses, the Times-Union reported.  Opiods Problems is quickly turning into an epidemic.

In a sentencing hearing  U.S. District Judge  Davis said  Dr. Sachs was running a “pill mill” and prescribing drugs for no legitimate medical reason.  He was also having sexual relations with at least eight of his female patients.

Opioids Problems lead to a Two year Sentence

Sachs was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of prescribing Opiods to patients for “no legitimate medical purpose.” As part of the plea agreement 5 other charges were dropped.

He was accused of illegally dispensing and distributing Xanax, carisoprodol (Soma), clonazepam, hydromorphone (Dilaudid), methadone, morphine and oxycodone at various times in 2011 and 2012, according to a federal indictment, resulting in the death of at least one patient.  The money factor has made opioids problems one of the biggest problems facing the medical community 

The court recommended that Sachs get only 180 days in state prison.  Furthermore,  the judge rejected the recommendation.  In fact he said,, “the number of patient deaths and the sexual relations justified a longer sentence.”

opiodsReflect on the horrible Medication Errors 

This is just the tip of the iceberg in dealing with opids problems.  “I hope you will reflect on the horrible error of your ways,” Davis said in the court room.   Sachs was told and agreed to never practice medicine.  In addition, the judge made ex-doctor Sachs to pay 13 Thousand  to one female patient.  The patient spoke at the court hearing.  She claimed that ex-doctor Sachs took advantage her sexually by using her addiction as leverage.

He did one of the worst things a doctor could

This was reported in the  Times-Union. “The Doctor prescribed pills that I didn’t need for sex.”  Sachs was an anesthesiologistas well as a licensed doctor.  Dr Sachs had been practicing pain management for patients since 2000.  Dr Sach did acknowledged that people would become addicted to medications.   This being said,  he denied that he was a pill mill.  His defense was that he would

The doctor would make the people sign contracts.  The contracts said that wouldn’t abuse their  drugs.  However,  five overdose deaths from 2009 involved patients who had been getting their drugs from Dr. Sachs. According to the Times-Union report, the physician blamed the deaths on, “Doctor-shopping as well as taking too much medication.”  He claimed to have  warned his patients about health risks as he was handing out potential fatal opiods.

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Do Doctors take Responsibility

“I’m sad for the losses of these people,” the doctor was quoted as saying.  he said. “They were all good people. And they all had families that miss them. But it is a known hazard of medications, and particularly when you take medications not as prescribed. In addition,  you do things you’re told not to do.”

A former patient of Sachs’s, Derek Stafford, did a television interview with  News 4.  Not only was he suspicious of the amount of Opioids Sachs was giving him, he was concerned. As a result of the large amount of Opioids prescribed, Stafford said ”  they’re making me a couch potato and I needed to get up and get going,” Stafford told the station. “[n a word, I need to strengthen myself and not just turn into a Opioids head.”

For more information about the Opioid Problem, Visit Med-Q Pill Box Blog.  There are many informative articles on pain management with out the use of an Opioids.  A proactive stance can help with the Opioids problems facing our country.

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