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Obama care

Obamacare is here to Stay

Obamacare ruling prevents crisis

Obamacare is here to stay, at least for a while.  On Thursday the US Supreme Court ruled on the Obamacare insurance subsidies for over 6 million Americans.  This ruling has been a relief to low income individuals.  The Obamacare vote will help avoid a crisis in the health care and the insurance market place.

Chaos would have happened if it were left up to congress.  Economist Tal Gross  of Columbia University said , ” In the short run, 5 to 6 million would have lost health insurance,which would have been a problem.”   He said many states would have to scramble to cover these people.

Court ensures Obamacare is “law of the land”

It has been estimated that every uninsured person costs Hospitals an average of 900 dollars per year.   Obamacare is wroking to reduce this cost.  Other cost saving methods such as programmable pill dispenser can save money in other areas.  Keeping seniors out of nursing home and out of the Hospital can be accomplished with a pill-box for home use.

Obamacare Law reduces the burden for Hospitals across the country which have to treat every patient that comes to the ER.   Hospital still face unreimbursed care costs for treating poorer people who do not have medicaid ( ) or medicare (_).  This is the most important feature of Obamacare.

The 6-3 decision by Chief Justice John Roberts means that 60 million Americans that receive tax credits that make mandated insurance coverage possible and affordable.  The law has survived two near repeals.  The Political fighting has been intense and there seems to be no end in site.  The court ruling does mean that President Obama will leaver office in 2017 with his trademark insurance policy still in place.

Effect on Doctors

Obamacare allows people to visit the doctor.  The thought is that people who have insurance will visit their doctor and prevent worsening of condition. The doctor will prescribe medication with a programmable pill dispenser and other aids that will keep the conditions under control. The theory is that early treatment will reduce costs and give the patients a better quality of life.  Brought to you by MEDQ, the pill box that is also a pillalarm

medication alarm clockMED-Q Medication reminder and pill reminder in one.  This timer pill box is a medication timer and pill box with alarm.  If worried about mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication or Alzheimer’s forgetting medication.  .  Pill organizer alarm means a pillbox that is a pill clock. This medication alarm clock is the best pill dispenser.

Obamacare remains a divided issue.  The  facts are clouded with personal biases.

Sam DeMar

MED-Q Programmable Pill Dispenser


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