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Caregiver’s Need an electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm


Caregiver’s Demands need the help of an electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm

Caregivers are being taken Seriously for the first Time.  They need help.  Help can come in many forms.  First an electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm.  Second, Higher pay.  Third, smaller work load.  Finally, a better quality of life.It seems that employers are finally getting the message. The are viewing ‘Demands in a Serious mode.  There is a change in the way businesses are taking care of their caregiver’s demands.  Thus being said, the employers have begun to offer un-paralleled workplace options.  They are offering increased flexibility as well as  paid and unpaid leave.  This data was released in the 2014 National Study of Employers:

The study tracked One thousand companies that had over Fifty employers.   The data offered the, “Importance of Caregiver’s Medication Reminder with Alarmson they employers mind,” says Ellen Galinsky, president of Families and Work Institute

Employers are aware of the challenges of being a Family Caregiver

electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm
electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm

As our population ages, the problems of being a caregiver is becoming common knowledge.  The “Bosses” are now taking care of an elderly family member themselves.  They are having to deal with AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).  The employer is having to deal with  a loved one is the early and middle stages of Alzheimer’s as well as dementia

Quoting  about an First an electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm

“You have to walk in someone else’s shoes to feel their pain.”  This being said, the employer also has to worry about the bottom line.  We all are well aware of the problems generated form a distracted as wll as a depressed employee.  A typical example,  those who have to leave work early because they have to take Mom or Dadto a doctors appointment.  Other times will involve a no-show home health care provider .  In fact, many times they will be leaving town to deal with a loved one’s health crisis. This can be very expensive for the employer as well as the employee.

The Positive Effect of being a Caregiver

When you have employees that feel valued as well as having their “wants and needs” are met usually are more productive.  For the employee, that translates into reduced health care costs.  There is a strong financial benefit to keeping your workers healthier.

According to an AARP study

Lynn Feinberg, the senior strategic policy adviser at AARP’s Public Policy Institute has been quoted to say:

  • “The average family caregiver also works at a paying job and is likely to be at his or her career peak. It is in employers’ best interests to provide flexibility and support to their workers who are caring for adult family members or friends with a serious illness or disability”.

She goes on to say that it is in society’s best interests.   The report shoed that almost 62 million  people provided care.   


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Electronic Pill dispenser alarm timer

Electronic Pill dispenser alarm timer Legal benefits under the law.
The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) mandates that employers with 50 or more employees must meet certain conditions If they meet these condition:
 Work at least 1,250 hours over a 12-month period

They are legally mandated to give the worker 12 weeks of unpaid leave for care-giving for  an immediate family member.  The law requires that, “Their position or an equivalent one will be there when they return”.
With so many employees with caregiving commitments and conflicts, and many more coming down the pike, decision-makers and human resource folks must come up with other creative programs and benefits to meet everyone’s needs. It’s worth it on so many levels.