Senior’s Need to Know about Pills and medications

What Seniors Need to Know about Pills and medications

Need to Know about Pills and medication
Need to Know about Pills and medication

Seniors Need to Know about Pills and Medications

As you get older you may well be confronted with more health conditions therefore, you  Need to Know about Pills and medications.  It is important to be aware of the normal body changes caused by aging.  

Consequently, these can improve risks of hazardous drug interactions. The more you understand about your medications,the more details you discuss with your health treatment professionals, the easier it is to avoid problems with medicines.

When the Human Body grows older

The senior body changes that can often affect how medicines are absorbed and used. A typical age induced change, the digestive tract doesn’t absorb the chemicals into the blood stream nearly as quick.

smart pill box
Med smart pill box

 Changes in how much you currently weight can influence the amount of medicine you need to take and how long it stays in your body. Aging causes the circulatory system to slow down, which can affect how fast drugs get to the liver and kidneys. The liver and kidneys also may work at a reduced level, affecting the way a drug breaks down and is removed from your body.  This information is an example of the Need to Know about Pills.

 Need to Know about Pills Interactions

Because of these body changes, there is also a bigger likelihood of  bad drug happenings among older adults. As a result, you Need to Know about Pills and learn about drug interactions.  Drug interactions happen when two or more medicines react within the person to cause unwanted medical results. This kind of  chemical blending can also cause one medicine to not work as well or even make one medicine more robust than it should be.
For instance, you should not take aspirin if you are taking a prescription blood thinner, unless your health care professional says you to.  Drug-condition interactions happen when a medical condition words makes certain drugs potentially harmful. For example, if you have high blood pressure or breathing difficulties, you could have an unwanted reaction if you take a nasal pill box

 Need to Know about Pills with-food interactions

In some instances, food in the digestive : tract can affect what sort of drug is absorbed. Some medicines also may affect the way nutrients are absorbed or used in the body.

Drug-alcohol interactions can happen when the medicine you take reacts with an alcohol addiction drink.

For instance, combining alcohol with some remedies might cause you to feel tired and slow your reactions.  You need to Know about Pills that do not mix well with alcohol.   As you develop older, your system may behave differently to alcohol, as well as to the mix of alcohol and medicines. Remember that some problems you might think are medicine-related, such as decrease of coordination, memory loss, or irritability, could be the result of a combination of your medicine and pill box reminder

know about pills and medications
know about pills and medications


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