Challenges associated with medication non adherence

Mom is her Forgetting her medication again

Mom forgetting medication can lead to Asssisted Living

Fact, Mom Forgetting Prescription Medication will put her in assisted living

Mom is her Forgetting her medicationFirst of all, Mom Forgetting medication can cause her to leave her own home.  Furthermore,  leaving home is a Senior's #1 fear.  Again, moving out of their homes is the first obvious sign of the their own mortality.  Tpo sum up, it's  the first sign of the "end of life".  

First, MED-Q Smart Medication box with alarms is the best home pill box that keeps Mom from making mistakes.  Obviously, Mom forgetting pills problems will get worse and worse over time.

As Mom gets older, she will develop a condition called " AIMM's" (Age Induced Medication Mistakes.   A simple investment in a MED-Q Smart Medication box with alarms will help Mom stay mistake free. To sum up, a smart medication box can keep Mom as well as Dad home Longer.

MED-Q Smart Medication box with alarms keeps your Mom at home.

Med-Ql Automatic Pill Dispensers
Med-Q is Americas Best Automatic Medication Dispenser with LITE-BOX Guides and triple alarms.

Equally important, Med-q"s design was Nurse inspired.  Moreover, the "cutting edge" design makes  forgetting and over dosing has become a thing of the past.  Again, Spending t1000's on a medication reminder is not necessary..  To sum up, there are many modern medication reminders to keep Mom at home.  Finally, you can give Loved Ones the Quality of Life that they deserve in their golden years.

Smart medication box
America's Best Smart Medication box with alarm and timer

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MED-Q Smart Medication box with alarms will lower Expenses

The Med-Q Smart Pill Box  is  the first line of defense for good health. In addition, keeping patients and caregivers with a feeling of well being.   In addition, Med-Q Medication dispenser will save lots of Money. To illustrate, no other advanced country even comes close to the United States in annual spending on health care.  This being said,  other countries seeing better outcomes in their people's outcomes from taking prescriptions medications.  A 2015 study shows a 7-8  annual Percent rise in health care costs.  The current med costs is almost 19% of the GDP of the US.  MED-Q is designed to reduce the health coverage  costs for Americans and stem the rise in health-care costs.

The Med-Q Medication Box is not Grandma's Outdated PillBox

First, Med-Q  Medication Dispensers use modern technology.  Second, the "smart" design has been shown to  eliminate over dosing.  For example, this is even more important when it comes to overdoing.  Third, consequences of overdoing will put Mom in the Hospital, or even worse.  The Patent Pending Design  makes the Med-Q Pill Clock more than a medication timer.  Finally, A pill alarm clock to prevent Mom from making Mistakes with her life saving prescription medications.

Mom forgetting medication will often end up in Assisted Living Facilities

Mom forgetting her medication leads will to assisted living  and all the expenses associated with it.   Give the gift of Independence to your Mom.    Remember, using a  Smart Pill Dispenser is the solution to  Mom's forgetting and overdosing.

MED-Q Smart Medication box with alarms
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