Mom Forgetting Pills is part of AIMM’s

Mom Forgetting Pills is part of AIMM’s

Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s)  can be expected.

In fact Mom forgetting pills of Dad forgetting medication is a growing problem.  Furthermore the average 65 year old takes 8 pills a day.  Consequently the problem is forgetting and miss dosing.  “Did I take them….or Did I forget again”   Hence, I Better take them just in case”.  The consequences of these mistakes can be life threatening .   For this reason we designed the Med-Q Smart pill reminder.Smart pill box with alarms

The MedQ Smart Pill Box is unique.

The Pill Box uses LED LITE-BOX technology to illuminate only the compartment holding that time dose. It takes away the decision making “thought process” from the senior. No decisions means, no mistakes, No mistakes means no more Mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting smart pill dispenser


Why was the Med-Q Smart Pill Box invented?

A Pill Clock for modern Medicine.

In effect Non-compliance has been labeled by the Wall Street Journal as America’s other drug problem.

The biggest statistic…Over 125,000 annual preventable pill box

Mom forgetting pills is a problem that is going to get worse over time.  

The results can vary from poor health, home healthcare, assisted living or even death.  The problem is big but the solution is easy.  A smart medication box will help her remember to take her prescription meds.  Any one who has called their mom to remind her to take her pills knows the response.  

pill box userAny where from “thanks for reminding me” to “Stop treating me like a child”.  The Med-Q pill reminder can put an end to the phone calls.  Modern technology takes on the burden for you.

Mom forgetting pills is why the MedQ Smart Pill Box was invented   

The Smart pill dispenser LITE-BOX Technology  makes medication errors for Mom virtually impossible.  No more mom forgetting pill!pillbox



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