Mom Forgetting pills is getting worse and worse

With Mom forgetting Pills you need an Electronic pill box with timer & alarm

With Mom forgetting Pills you need an Electronic pill box with timer & alarm

mom forgetting pillsFirst of all, is Mom Forgetting Pills?  Fact, it is a 90% chance that Mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication is happening. Question, how important is an Electronic pill box with timer & alarm?   For example, medication non compliance has been labeled by the Wall Street Journal as “America’s other drug problem”.  The effects of medication non compliance are staggering

mom forgetting pillsFirst,The American College for Preventable Medicine says, “Non Compliance  causes an estimated 125,000 deaths per year. 

Second, non compliance  accounts for 10 Percent of all hospital visits.  This was reported by Health Affairs 

Finally, Bio Med  has estimated 25 Percent of assisted living admits can be avoided with the purchase of an electronic pill box with alarm & timer.      For this reason,  a smart pillbox with alarms will help to make sure of proper medicating.Smart pill box with alarms

MED-Q Electronic Pill Box with Timer  for Mom forgetting Pills or Dad forgetting mom forgetting pillsMedication

To sum up, Med-Q electronic Pill box with alarms  & timer is the 21st Century solution.  No more problems created by prescription medication non-compliance.  Hence, an end to the shocking consequences of medication errors.  No more Mom forgetting Pills.  Finally, no more of Dad forgetting Medication.

Furthermore  the Med-Q PillBox is way more than a medication box.  For example, this Pill Clock has triple alarms.  It is an “all-in-one” electronic 7 or 14 day pillbox.  Hence,  smart pill reminder all rolled up in one simple, reliable as well as affordable unit

To illustrate,  Med-Q  is equiped with  features that are very user-friendly .  In fact it is simple and has easy functionality.  

Hence Med-Q’s programmable pill dispenser system is a technological breakthrough.  In fact for individuals and families and the caregivers.  For example many are struggling too to take care of their loved ones.

However With Mom forgetting pills the need for a smart pill box with alarms can not be overstated

Finally, Mom forgetting pills can be deadly. For example, loss of Independence.  Again,reduced Quality of Life or even worse.  To sum up, MED-Q Smart pill box is the 21st Century solution to an age old problem, “Mom forgetting Pills and Dad forgetting medication.forgetting pills

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