Mom Forgetting pills and losing her balance


?Mom Forgetting pills and losing her balance?


With Mom forgetting Pills you need The Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder



med-q smart pill boxMom Forgetting Pills and Losing balance?

It is not unusual for Mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication to effect balance.  This is especially true with Parkinson’s Disease.    Medication if taken properly with the MED-Q Smart pill box can be a great help.


Tips for Maintaining Balance With Parkinson’s Disease

  • Keep at least one hand free at all times
  • Use a backpack or fanny pack to hold things
  • Never carry objects in both hands when walking
  • No rubber or gripping soled shoes

mom forgetting pillsThis takes effort but it will help you maintain balance, posture, and reduce fatigue.  Do only one thing at a time! Don’t walk and read  or look around. The slow down reflexes.complicates motor function, so the less distraction, the better!  If balance is a continuous problem, you may want to consider a walking aid such as a cane, walking stick, or walker.

 Parkinson’s disease tips for preventing falls


  • Remove all loose wires, cords, and throw rugs.  Make sure rugs are attached and are smooth. Keep furniture in its usual place.


  • Put grab bars and nonskid tape in the  shower. Use nonskid bath mats on the floor.Kitchen. Install nonskid rubber mats by stove and sink.


  • Make sure treads, rails, and rugs are secure. Install a rail on both sides of the stairs. If stairs are a threat, it may be helpful to arrange most of your activities on the lower level to reduce the number of times stairs must be climbed.

With Mom forgetting pills the need for a smart pill reminder with alarms prevents disastermed-q smart pill box

Mom forgetting pills is not “no big deal” .  Forgetting Medication lead to falls.  Not using a Pill Clock means medication mistakes.  Medication mistakes leads to preventable. MED-Q Smart pill box is the 21st Century Medication Box Solution to an age old problem, “Mom forgetting Pills and Dad forgetting medication.



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