Mom forgetting Pills leads to Assisted Living

How affordable is the Med-Q Programmable Pillbox

How affordable?  Click Here to see the 2013 costs of an assisted living facility in your state.  Our Nurse Inspired Design and  cutting edge technology means no responsibility for the user or their Caregiver to make sure medications been taken.  Med-Q Smart Pill Box to the rescue.  The “All-In-One” medication timer with  Led Lite-Box Pill Box Patent pending design, makes our smart pill reminder unique

Mom forgetting pills can put her in Assisted living

Mom forgetting pills can lead to moving into an assisted living facility.  Med- smart Pill box with it’s cutting edge design can prevent early admits.  It has been estimated  by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that a full 25% of assisted living admits are premature. 

Why, you ask? PREVENTABLE MEDICATION MISTAKES.  A simple smart pill reminder or medication timer can keep loved ones at home.  Med-Q has been designed to end Mom forgetting pills that leads moving into a assisted living facility. You can make forgetting, double/triple dosing pills a thing of the past. 

med-q medication clock

First, Health and Independence.  Second, not with Mom forgetting pills and supplements.  Third,  Mom or other Loved Ones is not something to take chance with.  Finally,  keep Loved ones at home and out of Assisted living.  To conclude, Med-Q Smart Pillbox is your   Simple  *  Reliable Affordable solution to Medication mistakes.

To sum up, Med-Q’s Life Saving Features gives Quality of Life and Independence

Med-Q keeps Mom at Home

What would you guess is a Senior’s biggest fear.  Most people Guess “Death”.  They would be wrong.  Seniors #1 fear is moving out of their own home.  Mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication is the first step in that direction.

  If the MedQ Smart pill box can keep them on a proper medication schedule, you can remove the assisted living option  Simply put, MedQ is the easiest, most affordable way to solve home medication mistakes.   Moreover,  MedQ does the work for you.  Hence, No more worries about Mom forgetting Pills or Dad forgetting Medicine.  See the Full  Pill Dispenser Video on YouTube.

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