Impact of Medication Errors on Patients

Help Mom remember Pills

Help Mom remember Pills with New Programmable PillBox Timer Technology

Help Mom remember Pills with a Programmable Pillbox Timer

help mom remember pillsThe average 65 year old Women takes 8 Pills a day.  It is hard to keep them straight.  Different time different day.  It is so confusing that mistakes are mad.  How many.  The World health association says that over 90% of seniors make medication errors on a regular basis.  Help Mom remember Pills is a baby boomer unwanted responsibility. Med-Q Programmable Pillbox Timer to the rescue.

Helping Mom remember her Pill is made easier with a medication box.  

Not a old fashion pill box, this is a medication timer.  Program your Mom’s medication time and the the medication timer will do the rest.  The Programmable Pillbox Timer will use alarms , like alarm clock, to remind her that it is time to take her pills.    Mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication is going to get worse.   They have varying degrees of AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes). AIMM’s is normal and can be expected and planned for.

help mom remember pillsMom Forgetting Pills leads to the ER

Did you know that 1 in 8 ER visits is from medication mistakes?  Many of these patients are seniors who are overwhelmed with their medication schedules.  

Helping Mom remember her Pill is not easy.

The irony is that they will not ask for help from family or loved ones. They are embarrassed that they can’t take their pills by them selves.  It is viewed as a sign of losing their Independence.  If you can Help Mom remember pills, you can keep her in her own home.

Mom forgetting Pills solved with a Programmable Pillbox Timer

Programmable Pillbox Timer
America’s Best Programmable Pillbox Timer

Why is mom Forgetting pills so Important?  Why does Dad forgetting medication worry you.  The reason, 125,000 deaths per year. An  Old Fashion Medication box doesn’t work.  Your loved ones need a medication box to make sure they take their pills right.  With the Med-Q smart Medication timer, your worries will disappear.Med-Q Programmable Pillbox Timer saves more than lives.

 Helping Mom remember her Pills will keep her out of assisted Living or Nursing Homes.  Click on the map to see the costs in your sate.  You will be SHOCKED.  Do the math, a medication timer will more than pay for itself before breakfast.  Where else can such a small investment have such a big impact on your Mom. Med-Q’s Programmable PillBox timer reminder is Mom’s Solution to Medication errors.

Watch the MedQ Medication Box on  Youtube.  You will never look at a pill box the same.  Help Mom remember Pills with the aid of a medication timer second to none.  You can keep you loved ones in the Quality of Life that they deserve.

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