help Mom remember her pills

Help Mom remember her Pills

smart pill dispenser Helping Mom Remember her Pills

My mom is 90 year old with fading memory.   This has now effected how she is taking her pills.  Age induced medication Mistakes (AIMM’s) is going to get worse and she gets older.  Her old fashion Pill Box was Smart Pill reminder

What can I do to Help Mom remember her Pills?

She needs a smart pill box or smart pill dispenser.  Forgetting pills or over dosing is no laughing matter.  Medication mistakes cause over 400,000 premature and unnecessary death per year.  Take a proactive Strategy the best way you can help  Help Mom remember her Pills.

Mom Forgetting Pills is a Big problem

The Wall Street Journal calls medication errors “America’s Other drug problem”.  The need for a smart pill box for mom and dad can not be understated

  • 1 in 10 Hospital visits for med errosper  American Hospital Association
  • 1 in 4 Asssited living admits are premature
  • Wastes over 280 Billion dollars a yearsmart pill dispenser

MedQ Smart Pill Dispenser the Rescue

.  The average Women over the age of 65 takes 6 prescription medication per day.   This does not include any vitamins or supplements.  Mom forgetting pills makes existing problems worse.   Any type of smart pill dispenser or pill reminder is need to manage mom’s medication. Technology has many new type of pill reminders for your mom or dad.  Mom forgetting pills issue solved with the  MedQ Smart pill dispenser

Telephone Reminder services for Mom

pill dispenser with alarmsThere are paid services that help Mom remember her pills.  They will call her  at Medication time.  Even withe phone calls, studies show that 30%  of the time seniors still don’t take their pills.  They say that they mean to take them later and then forget.  The other side of the coin is just as bad. If Mom doesn’t think she took them that day, she will take them again and again.  A crisis in the making.


Smart Pill reminder, Mom Forgetting Pills and Dad forgetting medication is going to get worse as the get older.

  Using a smart pillbox or some type of smart pill dispenser should be your first decision on the medication management for your mom.  Remember, Mom forgetting pills is not like forgetting to take out the trash.  Forgetting to take out the trash will not lead to lose of Health and Independence.

Pill Box with AlarmsAlzheimer's forgetting medication



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