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MedQ Smart Pillbox is a Smart Solution

MedQ Smart Pillbox Box is a 21st Century solution

MedQ Medication Box is a new Type of Smart Pillbox

smart pillbox with alarms
MED-Q smart pillbox with alarms

To take control of their prescription medication regimen, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that senior citizens use a smart Medication box or Medication timer.  A calendar or an Old Fashion pillbox does not help seniors adhere to drug schedules. The FDA points out thatMedQ smart pillbox  or another type of pillboxes with daily compartments are very helpful. In fact , especially so with seniors who are dealing with complex multi-pill regimens.  The more complex the medication schedule, the more chances of problems.

The FDA also encourages seniors to undergo a yearly “Medicine Check-Up”

The annual checkup gives seniors the opportunity to throw out expired medicines and to discuss possible drug side effects and interactions with a pharmacist and/or doctor.  A recently published study was presented by Yale University School of Medicine.  Researchers showed that more than 90 percent of senior citizens taking five or more medications forget or mis-dose on a regular basis. And one-third attributed such mood change, insomnia, impaired balance, fatigue, and/or dizziness problems to one of their pillbox with alarms



MED-Q is The Best PillBox for Alzheimer’s 

In brief, not remembering pills has an impact on over 75% of the Elderly.   Doctors call this AIMM’s (Advance Induced Medication Mistakes ).   This being said, now add Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia  to the mix.  Not surprisingly, the number of seniors making mistakes will explode.   Moreover, the Alzheimer’s Associaion  has been quoted, ” 95% of the Elderly that have early symptoms forget their pills and supplements.  Many seniors don’t remember and wind up taking their pills 3 or 4 times in the same day.

pillbox with alarms

 The Best Pill box  for Alzheimer’s is much needed

In fact a pillbox will give much needed structure that will make certain that they take the proper prescription medications at the proper dosing time. Furthermore the Med-Q Programmable PillBox with alarms can help prevent the thousands of people from going to the ER.  In fact it is because they made a error with their pills.  Nevertheless over ten percent of patents that arrive in the ER. (Data provided by NCBI)

Med-Q SMART Pillbox with alarms


Why you need a Smart PillBox for Alzheimer’s?

Failing to Remember Prescription Medications effects over 80% of the elderly. Put together with Alzheimer’s and Dementia , calculate their total numbers and you will see that they Jump tremendously.  The Alzheimer’s Association reports, 95% of Individuals who are experiencing  the early symptoms  fail to remember Pills.

smart pillbox
best automatic pill dispenser

Often the Alzheimer’s suffers to take the pill repeatedly in the same day. The Best Pillbox will  provide certainty that the right med’s are being taken.  The Med-Q PillBox can help prevent the 2,400 people per day that go to the hospital because of medication errors.  To sum up, this is over 10% of all hospital visits.


MedQ Smart PillBox with Alarms

The Best Pillbox is being used by Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients all over the World   The Cutting Edge Design of the Best Pill box has virtually  done away with the forgetting and over-dosing pills The Best pill box has built in reminders that will prevent errors from occurring.  Med-Q smart Pillbox is particularly good for the deaf and hearing impaired.

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 Individuals surviving within the disease already have worries with forgetting.  Forgetting where you put your keys, no big deal.  Forgetting to take you prescription medication can kill you.The Best PillBox is needed to prevent crisis.

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