MedQ Smart Pill Box for Vitamin D

MedQ Smart Pill Box for Vitamin D

Seniors Who Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D are 77% Weaker.

MedQ Smart Pill box Means Strength.   A study measured the amount of vitamin D in 100 college athletes.  They tested the levels of strength in the athletes.  The study was with three simple tests.

How fast they could run with medq smart pill box

  • First, How high they could jump
  • Second, How far the could jump
  • The maximum weight  they could squat

The normal level of Vitamin D in your blood is 72 nanomoles per liter of blood.   Blood test showed that 30% had levels below the 72 minimum.  The people with low Vitamin had reduced levels of strength.  Vitamin D supplements could instantly fix this problem in lost strength.

  • First of all, They were  able to squat  77% less
  • Second of all, They ran 18% slower
  • Third of all, They Jumped 15% lower,
  • Finally, Distance jumps were 80% shorter

Why the decrease in strength and power?    Studies have shown American’s vitamin D intake is lower than needed for optimal health.   Vitamin D helps muscle let go of calcium better during the muscle contraction process.  This leads to faster and more powerful contractions in the muscles.  Experts such as Dr Oz,  recommend y 2000 IU per day for the best health.  Sunlight is a main source of Vitamin D.

MedQ Smart Pill dispenser for your Vitamin D

Smart pill Box

Med-Q Smart PillBox Designed for BP Medication
Med-Q Smart Pillbox Designed for BP Medication

The benefits of vitamin and minerals are with out question.  Seniors are particularly vulnerable to vitamin deficiencies.   A 2010 study found that 42% of US adults were deficient.  Hence the need for the MedQ smart pill box.  MedQ recommends 2,000 IU of vitamin D a day. You can get this from foods.   An example is milk which contains about 100 IU per glass.

MedQ recommends these levels of Vitamin D

Life StageRecommended Amount
Birth to 12 months400 IU
Children 1-13 years600 IU
Teens 14-18 years600 IU
Adults 19-70 years600 IU
Adults 71 years and older800 IU
Pregnant and breastfeeding women600 IU

Med-Q Smart Pill Box Reminder for Dad's Medication

Med-Q Programmable pill box with timer and alarm and Repeating Alarms 

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