Grandma Forgetting Pills has become a big problem

medq smart medication box is the perfect home pill reminder

Medq Smart Medication Box uses Led Lite-Box 

 Seniors forgetting their pills and medication.

medq smart medication boxThis is a normal part of aging.  Mom and Dad will begin to show the signs of AIMM’s  (Age Induced Memory Mistakes)  The problem gets worse and worse.  It will get to a point that there will be an impact on their health and well being.  MedQ smart medication box has been designed to address this crucial problem.

This the reason a smart medication box is so important.    The statistics regarding medication mistakes is truly shocking.  Medication errors has now become the third leading cause of death.  The number One is Cancer and the number 2 is heart disease.  MedQ Smart prescription Medication Box to the rescue.


medq smart medication boxMom forgetting Pills fixed with a Smart Medication box

Why is Mom Forgetting her medication  so important?  Why does Dad forgetting medication stress you out.   You are not being paranoid.  You have real reasons to be concerned.   The US Department of Health and Human services has data that shows 125,000 deaths per year from medication mistakes.   An Old Fashion Medication box doesn’t work.  Your loved ones need a smart pill reminder to make sure they take their meds right.  With the MedQ smart prescription Medication box you will makes stress and worry disappear.



Pill Box Video





MedQ Smart Medication Box is the Solution



Smart Medication Reminder

A Smart medication box can help guarantee Good Health.   Senior suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).   This is a normal part of the aging process.  The irony as the forget to take their pills, the pills they are forgetting are becoming more and more important for their good health.  – Smart medication box is more than a 7 day pill box.  The Smart Pill dispenser uses triple alarms and lite-box technology to prevent errors.medq smart medication box


Pill Reminder options for Seniors



Watch the MedQ Smart Medication Box Youtube Video. smart pill box reminder

You will never look at a pill box the same.  A smart medication box is the solution to Loved Ones med errors.  You can keep you loved ones in the Quality of Life that they deserve


electronic pill box with alarm


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