Med-Q Medicine reminder device holds the Wonder Drug

Medicine reminder device holds the Wonder Drug

Med-Q Medicine reminder device for home use

Medicine reminder device holds the Wonder Drug

Medicine reminder device holds the Wonder Drug . That drug is your everyday aspirin. Aspirin will  interrupt the process that makes one’s own  blood begin to clot. If you take aspirin every day, this will help make sure the blood flowing smoothly.  This in turn will help to prevent blockages in your blood vessels.  These blockages are what can cause a strokes or a heart attacks. Speak to your Health Care Professional about whether it’s a smart plan for you.

The history of Aspirin

Civilization was using the medicinal powers of aspirin for over 3,500 years.  Ancient people were able to get the primary ingredient form the willow bark plant. In the middle 1800’s is when researchers were able to  figured out which part of that plant had the active ingredient

 In 1898, a new form of the drug was used to treat people. Hence, the aspirin we know today ( acetylsalicylic acid) was first used. So, a medicine reminder has been holding aspirins for millennium.  It looks like there is going to be no future change.

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Aspirin should not be used for children

Never put aspirin in you child’s medication reminder.  Aspirin is not for kids who have a fevers as well as viral infection (ex. the flu). It’s has been linked to Reye syndrome., This is a very serious condition.  It shows up with symptoms like vomiting and degrees if confusion. It some cases it has been known to cause swelling in the brain or liver. This brain swelling may lead to a coma.  Until age 18, you’re usually better using acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

What Percent of Seniors take aspirin every day?

alarm pill dispenserOver 50% of seniors take Aspirin daily.  The main reason over 50% of Men and Women over the age 65 take these pills is to help prevent a heart attack.  To ensure your daily dose, load you medication reminder every week so you can get the maximum benefits

Is it safe to take aspirin besides swallowing it?

The short answer is yes.  Aspirin does comes in different forms.  From tablets to  powder or even in a chewing gum format.   It is recommended that you use the type that will fit in your medication reminder.  It is easier to take it orally.  This way you can use a pill or medication reminder.  Regardless of the way you take it, it affects your body the same.  Med-Q recommends you follow the directions on the package.

Did you Know that Too much aspirin could cause Ringing in your ears
 The ringing ought to disappear once you stop taking the OTC pills.

The most common side effect is a tummy ache.

That is why you should eat something before you take the pill.  This will help you avoid nausea.  It is also  possible to have an allergic reaction to aspirin.  This being said,the likely hood is very remote.

Don’t take aspirin when you’re pregnant.

If you are pregnant acetaminophen is your choice for pain relief.  However, if you have an elevated risk for preeclampsia, your health care professional will usually recommend a low dose of aspirin to be put in your  Medicine reminder device.   Since aspirin may lead to extra bleeding during labor.  This is why women ought not to be taking  it during the last 7-9 weeks  of their  pregnancy.

Medicine reminder device holds the Wonder Drug

The list goes on and on.  Take some aspirins out of the bottle or your medication reminder device and be creative. You can use it to make a paste for acne or bee stings, protecting your hair from chlorine, boosting your car battery.  The list goes on and on.alarm pill dispenser

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