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Medication Errors is a Serious Matter


Medication Errors is the #3 Leading Cause of Death

electronic pill dispenser with alarmMedication Errors cause over 100,000’s of Preventable Deaths

Imagine two  747’s crashing each and every day.  That is the same number of loved ones lost for medication errors.  Well over 150,000 “Real People” each and every year.  Seniors needmed-q a  smart pill box.  Taking a proactive stance on medication is a “WIN-WIN” for everyone.  Where can such a small cost have such a big impact on loved ones Health and Independence.

Prevent 25% of all Assisted Living Admits

Senior’s biggest fear is not death.  Their biggest fear, “Moving out of their Homes.  The annual reports that almost 25% of Assisted Living admits are Premature.  The culprit,  forgetting and mis-dosing. Med-Q Smart Pill Holder to the rescue.

Medication Errors cause 10% of All Hospital Visits

According to BECKER’S, 10% of all Hospital visits could have been prevented by proper medication management.  Forgetting to take one’s Prescription pill and supplements leads to a physical meltdown.  In addition, this is the time in life when senior depend the most on their pill.  However, they also suffer from AIMM‘s (Age Induced Memory Mistakes).   In fact, The Institute of Medicine (IOM)  concluding that medical care was responsible for 130,000-575,000 annual deaths are attributable to medical error.

Sponsored by Med-Q Medication Compliance System

 $289 Billion Cost of Medication Noncompliance you know that last year $250 billion was wasted.  A lot of the cost is from admin as well as unnecessary medical procedures.  This being said, the Annals of Internal Medicine reported,  Men and Women are failing making mistakes with their prescription medicines.  By the same token, there are many reasons like forgetting or miss dosing.   The annual cost, $100-289 billion.

Programmable Pill Boxes for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers

The Smart Pill Organizer was designed for medication errors for the special needs of Early and Middle Stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Hence,  Alzheimer’s Association recommends that a Pill reminder should be the first decision for management of prescriptions.  pill box testimonials


Moreover, Being a Caregiver is one of the most difficult, underappreciated jobs you will love and hate.

In conclusion, Med-Q Smart Pill Holder is a caregiver’s best friend.  It is almost like having a Live-In-Helper at medication time.    Again, Most Caregiver are Family members taking care of other family members.  Most will experience Caregivers Burn-Out. To sum up,  be sure to take care of your self.

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