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Medication Timer

Medication Timer helps mom

Medication Timer makes managing Alzheimer’s Easier

Medication Timer for Alzheimer’s Management

prevent Alzheimer'sThere is no current cure for Alzheimer’s or Dementia. That being said, there are many promising studies underway that are achieving very positive results. All involve taking Medication. Taking the right meds at the right time are challenging at best. Asking an individual in the early of Middle stage of Alzheimer’s, is asking too much. Modern technology has brought a new Medication timer and smart pill dispensers that take the burden away from the Alzheimer’s sufferer or their caregivers.

Med-Q Medication Timer with Alarms

Med-Q Medication timer with alarms is not your Grandma’s Old Fashion Pill Box. Med-Q uses LED-LITE Box technology to guide the User to the right dose at the right time. The Genius Medication timer will repeat it’s alarms every thirty minutes until the pills have been taken. Med-Q Medication timer costs less than 60 dollars Med-Q Smart Pill   For more information visit the Med-Q BLOG.

Smart Medication Box

small pill box

medication Timer

medication Timer

The Med-Q Medication timer is the first line of defense for good Health and Independence.

The goal, Teach the sufferer how to use the Med-Q or any type of smart medication timer early on.  If you can “in-grain” the memory now, the future will be much easier for both the Alzheimer’s or Dementia suffer and their Caregivers.  Try the Med-Q Risk free for thirty days, see why a smart medication timer is so much better than a dumb pill box.

You can rent the  Philips Medication Dispensing.

You can solve the Mom forgetting Pills problem for about $100 per month.  This does not include the setup fee.  This automatic smart pill dispenser system sits on a counter top and drops a cup filled with your pills. You program the times.  A tiny light and   a voice reminds them.  If no one moves the medications in 90 minutes a family caregiver called on the phone automatically.

 Drawbacks, if the Alzheimer’s or dementia suffer is still active so if they leave home, and is gone for more than a few hours, the dispensing system is not a good option. The Med-Q Medication Timer Needs to be filled every 14 days.

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