serious medication errors

MED-Q Smart Medication Timer keeps Mom out of the ER

MED-Q Smart Medication Timer keeps Mom out of the ER

Emergency Room visits prevented with Medication timer

MED-Q Smart Medication Timer
MED-Q Smart Medication Timer

How important is a Medication timer ? The answer, “Health is one missed pill away from disaster”. 10% of Hospital Visits are caused by medication mistakes? Furthermore, the cost is over 250 Billion dollars per year.  In the final analysis, MED-Q is a simple answer to forgetting and over dosing.

Smart Medication timer is the 21st Century solution to medication mistakes.

• Flashing Guides means no mistakes
• Alarm doubles in volume
• By the same token, Med-Q Smart Medication Timer repeats every 30 minutes until the meds are taken
• Huge Capacity
Simple to Use

Med-Q’s Life Saving Features gives Quality of Life and Independence

Medication Timer for Mom Forgetting Pills

med-q smart medication timerSeniors suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes). The condition worsens as Mom as Dad age. It’s dangerous for the Elderly to rely on old fashion pill box. Moreover, many will also develop dementia. In the same way, Mom forgetting pills can not be solved by, “Trying real hard to Remember”. In fact,  Mom forgetting to take her Pills can be solved with a smart medication timer. Med-Q Medication timer can be programmed to your individual med times. At those times, the Individual box holding hat’s dose will start to flash. An alarm will sound as well. Triple alarms means no more medication mistakes for Mom or Dad

Dad forgetting Medication puts him in the ER.

Why is Dad Forgetting medication so Important? Modern Medicine is way harder to keep straight than before. Medication needs to be taken at the right time and the right doses. Of course, Dad forgetting medications will throw the entire treatment “out of wack”. A smart medication timer or some type of smart pill box means less mistakes.MED-Q Smart Medication Timer

Med-Q Smart Medication Timer is the Smart Pill Box that means no more errors.

Medication errors get worse as your Mom and Dad get older. A smart Medication timer is the solution to the problem.  Now it’s your turn to take care of them.  The Med-Q smart medication timer is the simple reliable solution to prevent mistakes give the gift of good health and Independence.alarm pill dispenser

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