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Medication Timer for Overdose Prevention

Medication Timer prevents Seniors from Overdoses

Medication timer
Medication timer

(Spokane, WA) Why is a Medication Box so important? Caregivers worry about loved ones accidentally overdosing on prescription medication. First, this issue we hear about all the time. Second, the consequences are truly shocking.  Third, why a Pill and supplement Timer is so important. Finally, Minor medication errors can be dangerous, debilitating and sometimes, even fatal.

Why An automatic  Medication Timer with alarms?

smart medication timer with alarms
smart medication reminder alarms

A Smart Medication Box  with alarms is used for mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication.For example,  Senior women take over 60 % of all prescribed medication, so mom forgetting her pills can be a big problem.

To illistrate, Health Care research data shows that the number of prescriptions written for older adults averages 15 per person. 83% of seniors over 65 are taking prescription medications. Hence, the need for a medication timer is obvious. Moreover, watch the You Tube Videos and see why an Old fashion pill box will lead to mistakes.

A smart pill dispenser can prevent up to 125,000 premature deaths every years. Did you know that 1 in 10 ER visits is for medication errors. The World Health Organization estimates that 90% of Seniors make medication errors on a regular basis.

Care Giver tool

Medication timer
Medication timer

Caregivers need a Prescription Pill timer that actually works.  This will lighten the caregivers work load and reduce stress and worry.By the same token,  medication timer means they will not forget to take their pills. To sum up, using a old fashion PillBox , you can expect mistakes.

It has been estimated that over 90% of seniors make medication errors.

Trying to remember times and even days of the week become harder as seniors suffer from AIMM’s (Aged Induced Memory Errors). For example, the problem with AIMM’s will get worse over time.

med-q Medication timer
med-q Medication timer

When a spouse is lost the problem is compounded. Medq Medication timer is the 21st Century solution to an age old problem, forgetting to take you pills. Start your MedQ Smart pill box trial today.



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