Med-Q medication reminder for people with Vision and Hearing Loss

Med-Q Medication Reminder for people with Vision and Hearing Loss


? Med-Q Smart Medication reminder with alarms recommends eating foodstuff that is very high in antioxidants.

  This has been shown to be helpful in  vision loss brought on by macular degeneration.  This being said, taking over the counter (OTC) pills and vitamin supplements for eye health can also provide some help. A lot of elderly people are taking supplements now.  They use a smart medication reminder like the Med-Q Pill box with alarms to make sure they take the pills.  

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Smokers are at a much Higher Risk

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med-q medication reminder for peopleResearch has shows that smokers are at higher risk for macular degeneration.  As if you needed another reason to quite smoking.  Regular visual exams  by an eye doctor should include screening for glaucoma.  This has been termed “the sneak thief of sight”.  The reason, the very first symptom is degrees of vision loss. The disease can be haled, however, unfortunately the damage caused by glaucoma cannot be fixed.

The Amount  hearing loss increases as you get Older

Almost 30% of people who have hearing loss are 44-66 years of age.  In fact, Forty Three Percent of those with hearing loss over the age of 65.  Hearing loss can often exact a huge toll on the elder’s quality of life as well as Independence.  These may cause depression and lead to withdrawing from all or many social activities.   You may be surprised to find out that even though hearing aids can help, only 25% of men and women use them.

High-frequency hearing loss is the most common type of loss with the elderly.  It can and often is made worse  by a history of exposure to loud sounds or music. The 40 as well as 50-year-olds who went to rock and roll concerts that were so loud they caused future hearing damage. Another factor that may effect your hearing if you are working in at a noisy place like like an airport as well as a manufacturing plant.

deaf seniorsPeople ought not to use earbuds.

A sound that originates in one’s own ear canal like an iPods, really can hurt your hearing . If you’re going to use an iPod, don’t put it directly in your ear, and lower the volume.”

Hearing aids are not always the best answer to correct hearing loss.  Many senior citizens, both men and women, complain that they hearing aids will magnify the incorrect  sounds. They wind up leaving their $3,500  hearing aids on top of the nightstand.  Med-Q medication reminder for people with Vision and Hearing Loss.  Med-Q medication reminder for people with Vision and Hearing Loss is a 21st Century Marvel.electronic pill box with alarm


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