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Smart Pill Reminder by Medicare

Does Medicare pay for your Pill Reminder?

Medicare does not pay for any medication dispensers at this time. Medicare considers Pill Reminder Alarm systems as a convince item. If your doctor writes a prescription then Medicare will pay. For more information, visit the Medicare website.  Prescription Medication Reminder Alarm systems come with different prices and options. You should talk to your doctor to see what smart pill box best for you.

MED-Q Amazing New Pill reminder capacity

Most pill dispensers are designed to hold dry pills (tablets, capsules, caplets, pills). Medication in other forms (eye drops, inhalers, patches, injections, etc) will not be compatible with a standard Pill Reminder Alarm system or medication box.

Med Q is America’s #1 Smart pill reminder.  Triple alarms makes forgetting pills virtually impossible.  Try Med Q Smart pill box in your own home risk free for thirty days.  If Med Q Smart Pill box doesn’t solve the medication mistake problem. return it for a 100% refund.

What causes the Forgetting problem?

Seniors suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes).  This will get worse as they get older.   You remember to take your morning medications and forget your evening pills.  You have a busy day and just forget. Did you take your meds earlier or not? These kinds of issues are fixed with Pill Box reminder.pill reminder

The Huffington Post has said, “Medication Non-Compliance is America’s other drug problem”.  The cost to the US Health Care system is more than 280 Billion dollars per year.  Imagine if that money was saved and put into Alzheimer’s research.

Smart Pill Box

If you find yourself fretting over pills… if you are afraid they might miss a dose or accidentally double/triple dosing, the MED-Q Pill Reminder alarm will put you worries to rest.  MedQ Medicaton Reminder’s  Patent Pending design will safeguarding the most precious position people have their Health.pill remindermedication pillbox reminder alarms




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