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Medication box

MedQ Medication Box is a Smart Solution

MedQ Medication Box is a 21st Century solution

MedQ Medication Box is a new Type of Smart Pillbox

medqTo take control of their prescription medication regimen, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that senior citizens use a smart Medication box or Medication timer.  A calendar or an Old Fashion pillbox does not help seniors adhere to drug schedules. The FDA points out that pillboxes with daily compartments are very helpful with seniors who are dealing with complex multi-pill regimens.  The more complex the medication schedule, the more chances of problems

The FDA also encourages seniors to undergo a yearly “Medicine Check-Up”

The annual checkup gives seniors the opportunity to throw out expired medicines and to discuss possible drug side effects and interactions with a pharmacist and/or doctor.  A recently published study was presented by Yale University School of Medicine.  Researchers showed that more than 90 percent of senior citizens taking five or more medications forget or mis-dose on a regular basis. And one-third attributed such mood change, insomnia, impaired balance, fatigue, and/or dizziness problems to one of their medications.

Sources: Blum CB, Havlik RJ, Morganroth J. Cholestyramine: An effective, twice-daily dosage regimen. Ann Intern Med. 1976;85:287–9. [PubMed] Aspden P, Wolcott J, Bootman L, Cronenwett LR, editors. Institute of Medicine. Preventing Medication Errors. Washington D.C: National Academies Press; 2006.   Staff Writer MedQ Smart Pill Box

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