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Medication box

Med-Q Medication Box with alarms saves Thousands of Lives

Med-Q Medication Box with Alarms

Med-Q Medication box with alarms means The Right Pills at the Right Times

Taking Medication properly is at best difficult.

Why do you need a smart Medication box with alarms?  Taking medication improperly can cause loss of Quality of life or even Death.  We live in a very busy world with many distractions.  This being said, You can not afford to make medication mistakes! The New York Times has called medication mistakes as “America’s other drug problem”.   It costs over 280 Billions of dollars  a year. It is estimated that 1 out of every 10 hospital stays is  from Medication Mistakes.

Who Takes Care Of Loved Ones

The average Family caregiver is a 49 year-old.  She is an  employed married women.  She is providing caring for her “widowed 69-year old mother-in-law”.  The Caregiver does not live with the individual needing care.  To make things harder,  40% also have children or grandchildren under 21 living with them.   So when she realizes that she forgot to remind her mother to take her pills it shouldn’t come as a shock.  Hence the need for Med-Q medication box with alarm or medication timer.

medication box with alalrm

med-q medication Box with alarm

medication box with alarm

medication box with alarm

Med-Q Medication Box with alarms is for people taking  pills and vitamins.

Med-Q Pill box is used as a once a day or twice a day “All-in-One” medication timer. The Med-Q Pillbox has 14 pill box compartment.  Each one can hold 23 Pills. The compartments have over sized finger tip tabs for easy opening.  Made to be easy to use to avoid spill pills and other accidents.

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medication box
Smart pill Box

Med-Q Smart Medication Box is the answer to Caregiver’s Burnout.

Caregivers who are experiencing Burnout aren’t able to do their job well.  The Stress will also affect your Health.  You need to use  help and support of others.   Med-Q Medication Box with LED LITE-BOX Technology and Triple Alarms is a medication timer takes the medication responsibility .

Med-Q Pill Box Saves Money

Med-Q Medication box is a Smart investment.  Under 60 Dollars vs the cost of assisted living.  With costs in the 3-5 thousand dollar a month range, a medication bow or medication timer is a  “NO BRAINER”. CLICK HERE  to see your State’s Assisted Living Costs.

best automatic pill dispenser

Med-Q Smart Pill Box provides Valuable Information and Tips on Our BLOG.     Please share YOUR MedQ Medication Box Experiences with Us.  See more Med-Q Medication Box @ Google+ Facebook  YouTube.

PREVENTABLE Medication Mistakes leads to 250 thousand deaths Per Year in the US. This is 3rd to Cancer and Heart Disease.

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