MED-Q Medication box with Alarms for Dad

Med-Q Medication Box with Alarms for Dad’s Pills Remembering Problems

Smart Medication Box with Alarms Prevents Tragedy

Medication Box with Alarms for DadA SMART Medication Box with alarms that is  Simple as well as Affordable solution to overdosing & forgetting.  See for yourself what a Smart pill dispenser can do.  MED-Q is the Smart PillBox with alarms designed by Hospital RN’s to help avoid the shocking consequences of medication error.  We are proud to tell, yet another success story about a Loved one using the MED-Q Smart Medication Box success story.

Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder to Dad’s Recuse.

Memphis TN)  Kirtley W.  Our Mother died a little over a year ago.  

Pill dispensers for elderly people
Pill dispensers for elderly people

medication boxShe had always had taken care of my Dad’s pills.  Now he was lost.  He was forgetting to take them for Two or three.  Some times four days in a row.  He thought that if he took the missed pills it was a good thing…WRONG.  We, (My two sisters and I) are trying to make sure Dad is taking his Pills.  We alternate the responsibility at every three weeks.    Unfortunately, my sisters lives cross country, so the biggest burden is on me. Dad Was not taking his pills right.    We were fighting a losing battle. 

MED-Q Medication Box with triple Alarms

Kirtley started using the MED-Q Smart Pill box with alarm.  It has worked great, the problem has gone away.  Dad is taking 7 pills every single morning at 10:30 (5 Prescription & 2 Supplements).  I would fill Dad’s Smart Medication box with alarms  with his prescriptions medication and vitamins every other Sunday  

We had no problem any more. Dad forgetting pills has become a non-issue  The flashing guides have real;y helped Dad.  Med-Q Programmable Pill Box is the best.  


How expensive is Assisted Living ?

 The costs are on the rise.  A Smart medication box with alarms is one of the best buys you can make.   Assisted living  is very,very costly. A single apartment can cost up to Ninety Grand every year.  Furthermore, this costs are for the most basic services.    The average assisted living facility costs over 4 times the cost of a smart pill box.   It may sound silly, the smart pillbox would pay for itself Day 1.electronic pill box with alarm

Medication Box with LED LITE-BOX and Triple Audio alarms

If  Dad forgetting his prescriptions is a concern, then this Pill Box for your Dad.  Is Dad overdosing on his medication?  The MED-Q Smart Pill Holder will come to your rescue.  The 21st Century, cutting edge design makes this pill holder a perfect Alzheimer’s pillbox.   The American Alzheimer’s association  has recommended that sufferers get a medication box first.[

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Med-Q Smart Medication Box with Alarms is Available for Institutional Sales.


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