MED-Q New Medication Box with alarms

Medication Box with Alarms for Senior’s

Med-Q Medication Box with Alarms

Medication box with alarms
Medication box with alarms

A Medication Box with alarms means you can throw out the old, not smart pill box.  A smart Medication box will use LED Lite-Box technology to solve the crisis.  90% of seniors make mistakes with their Life-Saving pills and supplements A smart medication box with alarms is a must for all seniors.  As Men and Women age, their memory begin to slip.  This makes the need for a programmable pill dispenser much more important.  However, the rub is, Mom forgetting pills happens when they are the most important.

Mom forgetting pills solved with a smart pill dispenser

With Mom forgetting pills as well as Dad overdosing on his pill, now it is time to act.  Med-Q pill dispenser with alarms saves more than lives.  Over 25% of assisted living facility admits and Nursing home admits are necessary because the mom forgetting pills has gotten out of control.  People have real problems  managing medication..   When it comes to prescription pill mistakes, there is no such thing as a “Small Error”.  Med-Q medication box with alarms is easy, reliable as well as, affordable.

Med-Q Medication Box with alarms success story:

(Philadelphia Pa,  Samantha B).    The “B” family was at “wits end’.  They were all working together to keep their Grandpa out of a nursing home.  He is 83 years old and in good physical shape. The problem, he keeps forgetting to take his pills.  His old pill box was just a pill organizer and did nothing to remind him.  The problem was getting worse and worse.  One time, he took four days worth of pills out of his pill box and ended up in the ER

Medication Box with alarms to the rescue.

Medication box with alarmsFirst of all, Samantha’s Dad is a typical reason that the Med-Q Medication Box with alarms was invented.  The problems of Mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting medication is no small problem.  Medication errors is the #3 leading cause of death, behind cancer and Heart disease.

 The tragedy is that medication error can be solved with a smart pill box or some type of Medication Box with alarms  The costs are minimal compared to the savings in human suffering and medical cost.

Mom Forgetting medication Again and Again?  

Medication box with alarms
Electronic Medication box with timer for Alzheimer’s

MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser to her rescue. It’s simple for your Mom to load Med-Q Medication Box with alarms.  She just programs her personal times.  Mom has a choice of “once or twice a day” and Our programmable Pill Box repeats it’s blasting Alarms automatically.  The Pill dispenser with alarms,  Reminds and Guides.

Seniors suffer for AIMM’s, (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).

It has been stated by the FDA that up to 90% of people over 65 years old take 6-8 prescription medications every day and up to 90% of them make mistakes on a regular basis.  The Med-Q programmable pill dispenser has been designed to solve the Dad forgetting medication and Mom forgetting pills problem.   It is Over dosing.

 Mom forgets if she took his pills today.  So she will take them over and over again.  This leads to the Emergency room. vsist    Mom forgetting medication is made worse by the fact that seniors lose track of the  week day. The do not have a weekend.

MED-Q Programmable Pill Dispenser to Mom’s rescue

This is not your Grandma’s Old Fashion Pill Box.  The MedQ Medication box is built with cutting Edge Technology.    The Smart Pill Dispenser uses LED LITE-BOX technology.  The Flashing Light will light -up ONLY the individual pill dispenser that times dose.  With this Medication box you will make no decision. No Decision means, no mistakes.   

The Alarm cycles for  5 Minutes and then repeats every thirty minutes until the pills have been taken.   It starts at 100% volume and gradually increases to 200%.  IT IS LOUD so Dad forgetting medication will not happen.

pill reminder alarmMED-Q Medication box with alarms was created for the Caregiver.

 Med-Q’s goal was to create a Programmable pill box that was, Simple to Use, Easy to Load and Affordable.  We hit a “home Run” with the MED-Q Smart pill dispenser.  Here else can such a small cost give the Peace of mind a programmable Pill dispenser can offer.  As an Alzheimer’s pill alarm, MED-Q programmable Pill Dispenser is the very best Medication Box that can’t be beat.weekly pill box with alarm

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