Med-Q Medication Clock Timer Prevents a trip to the ER

Smart Medication Box takes Phoenix by Storm

Smart Medication Box in Arizona

Smart Medication Box Med-Q Smart Medication Box for AZ Elderly

First, A Smart medication box is the first line of defense for good health and Independence for seniors.   Second,  smart Medication box has been designed to remind.   Third, While forgetting to mail a letter might irritate your spouse, forgetting to take your pills and medication has a serious consequences.  Finally, Med-Q Smart medication box is more than a pill organizer.

Hence, The programmable medication box is a smart pill box. Designed to replace the cheap plastic seven-day pill box..  By the same token, The Smart medication box uses LED LITE-BOX Technology and triple alarms.  Like wise, No more Mom forgetting Pills or Dad forgetting Medication.

Smart Medication Box Med-Q Smart Medication Box to the rescue

Med-Q Medication Box, measures 8 inches long, 3 inches wide and 1 inc tall.  The empty weight is only 11 ounces. Hence, Med-Q Electronic Pillbox is easy to handle.  Notably,  Medication box can be easily carried in purse or carry bag.   Individual pill compartments are removable. Again, Can be carried in pockets.  Namely,  This is not your “Grandma Old fashion Pillbox”

Mom forgetting Medication or Dad forgetting pills is not a small matter.

Indeed, It has been estimated that medication mistakes lead to over 100 thousand premature death every year in the US.  To put this in perspective, “Automobile accident lead to 35,000 annual fatalities. Even more, medication errors cause 4 times as many preventable deaths.  More importantly,  Med-Q medication Box is the new age smart pill box that solves home med errors.  Furthermore, This medication timer will remind the user when it is time to take their pills. Above all, the double alarm that repeats every 30 Mins.minutes until you take your pills.

Med-Q Medication Box Features And Benefits

  • First, Flashing LED LITE-BOX guides the Individual user to the right pills for mistake free medicating.
  • Second, Cutting edge design offers uo an Escalating Alarm will get louder and louder for seniors who are hard of hearing
  • Third, Gigantic  capacity to holdall sorts shaped and sized pills and prescription
  • Fourth, the Smart Pill Box alarm repeats every 30 minutes until the prescriptions have been swallowed

Where can a tiny cost in a smart medication box have such a big impact on your health and quality of life.  To sum up, Med-Q medication box to the rescue.

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MED-Q Smart Medication Timer

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