MED-Q Smart Medication Dispenser with Alarms

MED-Q Medication Box for Mom Pills and Supplements

Medication Box for Mom Pills

Smart Medication box for Mom’s Pill and Supplements can prevent disaster

medication box with triple alarms
medication box with triple alarms

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with alarms to give Mom the quality of Life she Deserves.    Med-Q Electronic Pill Boxes was designed with Triple alarms to prevent mistakes.  Wondering if they need an AM, PM Pill Reminder?  Well the answer is a “BIG YES.” 

Remember, Forgetting Doses is just as bad as Over-Dosing.  

medication box with triple alarms
MED-Q medication box with triple alarms

CDC says people 65+ have twice the risk of ending up in the ER with med errors.  The risk gets worse. This is why we created Med-Q Smart 7 or 14 day Programmable Medication box or Pill Organizer with Alarms.  Not an Obsolete 7 day pill box or non programmable pill holderMed-Q Smart Pill Reminder with alarms is a Virtual Caregiver at Medication Time to remind and guide.

Amazing Medication Box for Mom

medication box with triple alarms
MED-Q medication box with triple alarms

Blythe MO)  Phylicia K. My Mom Passed a year ago and now we are trying to take care of our Dad.  I have a brother and a sister that help.  Unfortunately, my sister lives about 200 miles away and can do much.  e were trying to make sure that our Dad Was taking his pills.    It was a losing battle.  We found out he was missing 2-3 days per week.  

MED-Q Medication Box with triple Alarms

Phylica got her Dad the MED-Q Pill box with alarm.  The problem has gone away.  Her Dad was taking 6 pills every morning.  One of the three siblings would fill her Medication timer every to weeks,  We had no problem with mom forgetting pills but dad forgetting medication was different. medication,  The flashing and beeping alarms has been great.  

medication boxAssisted Living cost on the rise, medication box is the best investment you can make.  

A private Assisted living facility is expensive. A single apartment can cost up to 90 thousand dollars a year.  This is the basic cost with no extras.   The Medq Pill box has a priced under 60 dollars.  The average assisted living facility costs over four times that per day.   It is silly to say,but, the pill box would pay for itself before breakfast.

Medication Box with Triple alarms

If  Mom forgetting pills is a problem, then this is for you.  Is Dad forgetting medication?  The MED-Q Smart Pill Clock to the rescue.  This 21st Century Pill clock is a perfect Alzheimer’s pill alarm.  Teaching alzheimer’s suffers early on can help them better manage their medication.  The American Alzheimer’s association recommends a medication timer as a  strategy first.

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