Smart Medication Box for Alzheimer’s

Smart medication Box with alarms helps with Alzheimer’s 

Smart Medication Box goes High Tech

Smart Medication Box for Alzheimer'sThe MED-Q is a medication box with triple alarms.  This Smart Pill box is great for Alzheimer’s forgetting medication.  MED-Q Pill Organizer is very useful in the mild to moderate stages of dementia.  This smart pill dispenser is for used in early and middle stages of Alzheimer’s.

What is Alzheimer’s

Immediate memory is impaired on a daily basis.  That is normal. Alzheimer’s or dementia sufferers are not being forgetful. The suffers may simply forget to take their medication altogether, or forget if they have already taken it once, twice, even more times each day.  The mistakes for forgetting pills can often be fatal .   Side effects and dosages can be seen on NIH .

What can you do?

Medication errors are a typical symptom of dementia and Alzheimer’s.  If you see this happening you should be concerned.  A smart medication box helps with forgetting.  A smart pill dispenser should be part of the tools used to fight the disease.  Even people without memory problems find Medication Timers useful.  It greatly reduces medication errors.   Some Pill clocks have flashing and beeping programmed remindersSmart Medication Box for Alzheimer's

Telephone reminder services are useful for suffers.   The problem is that people tell the other person that they have taken pills when they haven’t.  This is why a smart pill box reminder is needed  You may want to “Google” pill box reminder to see the different pill boxes with alarms.  There are apps that can be put on smart phones to act as a pill reminder.

Look into high tech Medication Timers

Whatever pill dispenser you chose, it is important to find out best suited to the user.  A programmable pill organizer with flashing and beeping alarms will help assure medication is taken at the proper times in the proper doses.  It is important to make a 14 day programmable pill dispenser , part of the users habits in their daily routine, for example taking pills before brushing teeth.Smart Medication Box for Alzheimer's

Keeping a master list of medication is also important.  You should bring this list to the doctor on your appointments.  A list will help avert possible side effects.  The better you manage medication the less likely you are to have problems.   The MED-Q Pill Organizer’s flashing and beeping alarms is the first line of defense for proper medicating

MED-Q Smart Medication Box to the rescue.  The best gift money can buy.

Smart Medication Box for Alzheimer's
Smart Medication Box for Alzheimer’s










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