Smart Pill Box with Alarms for Caregivers

MED-Q Medication Box can lower strokes by 300%

Med-Q Medication Box prevents Strokes

high blood pressureHigh Blood Pressure needs a Medication Box

Is forgetting Blood Pressure Pills a big deal?  Do you need a medication box or medication timer to help.  The answer is YES.  A study of 73,527 patients with high blood pressure showed mistakes lead to a four-fold increased risk of dying from a stroke.  A Smart Pill Box is needed to solve this problem.   Smart medication box used correctly can lower the risk by 300%

Why a Prescription Medication Box:

  • Proper medicating lowers risk three-fold 
  • Medication timer showed a 5.7-fold lower risk of stroke
  • People who didn’t use a Med Box were more likely to need hospital care after a stroke.
  • Risk of hospitalization was 2.7-fold higher. the adherent patient
  • In the year of a stroke,  their risk was nearly two-fold higher without a medication timer

7 day programmable pill boxThe need for a Smart Pill Box is obvious.

Dr Kimmo Herttua at the University of Helsinki  said: “These results emphasize the importance of patients using a medicine box or some type of medication timer in taking their medications correctly in order to minimize their risk of fatal and non-fatal strokes cannot be underestimated”

Patients have a greater risk  ten years before

Dr Kimmo Herttua study considered that patients compliant if the were right 80% of the time.    Non-adherence was divided into two separate  groups. Intermediate adherence was between 30-80% adherence and Poor adherence which was less than 30%.  No type of medication timer or medication box was used in the study.  People relied on memory. The study included 73,527 patients aged 30 or older. Of these, 2,144 died from stroke and 24,560 were has strokes.

Electronic Pill dispenser is a Senior's Best Friend
Electronic Pill dispenser is a Senior’s Best Friend

The Med-Q Medication Box with alarms can be the difference between life and death.

With new study information the need for a Smart Pill Box has been re-proven. A simple change in you medication management can have life changing implications.

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