Medication box

Medication Box to the rescue

Medication Box For Dad forgetting medication problem

medication Box Smart Medication Box to Dad’s rescue

A smart medication Box proves to be beneficial.  Many factors such as using a Smart Medication Box will  have an impact on patient medication non compliance. There are strategies to improve adherence among non compliant patients.

Medication Non Compliance

Finding Solutions to a Costly Medical Problem.  First of all we have an aging population.  Second,  cost reduction pressures will continue to increase.  Third, the health care  industry is being  challenged to find different ways to empower patients.  To sum up, the goal is to better control the management of their illnesses. Finally, a way in which patients will be better able to manage their illnesses is by using a Smart Medication Box .  In fact, this will become their Smart pill reminder.

Medication box
Electronic Medication Box For Dad forgetting medication

Medications that are dispensed with the aid of a Smart pill box with alarms means medication will be taken as prescribed. But the fact of the matter is, many  people do not follow their doctor’s’ orders. Excuses take on many forms. An example,  “The medication was too expensive,”.  To illustrate, “If  I keep forgetting medication box for dad forgetting medicationbecause I don’t have a medication timer”.  The claim to,  “I Feel better so I don’t need to take any more pills”.  By the same token,  “I didn’t understand the directions on the label”.

Medication non compliance can have severe and  even fatal for the patient. 

Depending on the illness, the treatment, the patient, and the age, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION has said “Medication non-compliance runs as high as 90%.    Not surprisingly, non compliance  percentage being greatest when the patients are symptom-free.  Doctors find it  discouraging. More than 50% of their  patients will not receive the full benefits because of not taking their medication properly.  A Smart pill clock will improve outcomes.

smart medication box
smart medication box

It has been documented that 77% of patients demonstrated degrees of compliance with their medication regimen.  However, when the treatment was designed to cure a disease and only 63% of patients complied when treatment was aimed at prevention. Hence forth when medication was to be taken over a long period,.  Compliance rates dropped dramatically to approximately 50% for either prevention or cure . Medication will not offer the best outcomes if not taken as directed.  A programmable pill reminder will raise the compliance level dramatically.

Up to 80% make medication errors

Research has shown,  20% to 80% of patients make errors in taking medication and that 20% to 60% stop taking medications before their protocol has been completed.   With older populations,  compliance rates range roughly from 38% to 57%.  The average ,is less than 45%.  Patients forget to take their medications.  Try to creatively alter their medications.  Attempt not to  mix their medications, and take medications in the wrong doses at the wrong times.

smart pill box with alarms
MED-Q smart pill box with alarms
medication box for dad forgetting
Brilliant MED-Q medication box for dad forgetting

Amazing MED-Q Smart Medication Box is the first line of defense against non-compliance.  You can control the problem with our smart pill box with alarms.   See more MED-Q Medication box for dad forgetting medication problem.  View on Google+ Facebook  YouTube.

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