Medication Alarm Clock changes the way Seniors take Pills

Medication Alarm Clock changes the way Seniors take Pills

New Types of Medication Alarm Clock have changed the way Seniors take Meds

“Good” medication management is widely believed to be desirable.  Hence, important for older adults as well as by clinicians. And difficulty managing their medication regimen is often cited as a reason for loss of independence.  Again, the primary cause for premature institutionalization of seniors and older family members.

In response to this huge problem,  the health market offers a wide range of different medication management systems. MED-Q medication alarm clock  is just one of the new generation of pill alarm clocks.  But for a given person, it can be a big decision.  Hence,  whether one of these medication alarm clocks really make a difference.  To sum up,  what “features” are likely to actually be of help to the senior.

In this article, staff writer for MED-Q Smart Pill Alarm Clock , Samuel Demar describes the  things to look for in a  medication management systems.  These tips are useful for a given person and their caregiver.

We all miss doses of Prescription Medications and Supplements

Ever single person who is taking medication misses doses.  Furthermore, the World Health organization says that up to 75% of seniors make regular medication errors.

  • WHO launches global effort to halve medication-related errors in 5 years

The most common reason is a  simply forgetting.  First, this is made worse with changes in daily routine. Second,  people can forget pills because they’ve gone out to the movies.  Third, maybe the got involved in their favorite TV show.  Finally, mixing up the days of the week .  Many do not take their prescriptions right because of their complexity.  It is not easy to follow the health care professional’s instructions. Even separating out pills to be taken on an empty stomach from those to be taken with food can be quite a bother, especially in the morning.

A medication management system is great to combat confusion .  Finally, a medication alarm clock makes the process simple. The question, how important is perfection in managing medication? The answer is, “VERY IMPORTANT”. Read on for some details.

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