Smart Pill box for Medication Compliance in African American

MED-Q Smart Pillbox with alarms


Med-Q Smart PillBox with Alarms is used by Seniors for many reasons

Med-Q Smart PillBox is used by Seniors for many reasons.

In the first place, average seniors takes over 5 prescription medications per day. The Med-Q Smart PillBox with alarms has become important as the medication that is being taken. Second of all, new Medication Timers are not “Grandma’s old fashion pill box”.  Third of all, a Smart pill dispenser with alarms has become much more than a simple pill box. Finally, new technology has made Smart Pillboxes a tool to prevent many problems.


MED-Q Smart Pillbox for  Seniors Meds

Med-Q Smart Pill Box With Alarms means no more Forgetting Medication.
In fact the World Heath Organization  claims that 90% of Seniors make medication errors. Obviously, the top error is forgetting to take their pills.  Likewise, a Medication Box is needed to address this 90%.  Furthermore, Smart Pill dispenser are available with  and other types of Smart pill reminders.  MED-Q Smart Pillbox use a triple alarm to make forgetting medication a thing of he past. To sum up, Seniors will now be reminded with alert and alarms.

Correct dosing Med-Q Electronic Pillbox

Taking medication from the pill bottles and putting the in smart pillbox is dumb.  In fact , you will not miss doses.  Notably, double and triple dosing is a problem with seniors.  Centrality, the consequence could be fatal.  Taking you daily pills with smart pill box with alarm is smart.  For this reason there is no chance to make the mistake of taking the next dose.  As an illustration, there are approximately 1000 case of overdosing that require hospital visits every day.  To put it differently, Electronic Pill dispensers can reduce this number drastically.

Smart Pillbox will help with Finishing treatment

SMany Seniors stop taking their medication when they feel better. For the medicine to have the best results the prescription should be finished.  For one thing, not finishing the entire protocol can lead to relapse and future bouts that are even worse according to NEDICINENET .  In reality, Pill reminders have many benefits for the end user.  Benefits from Alzheimer’s forgetting medication to remembering to take your vitamins.  In order to have a  better quality of life.

View the MED-Q Automatic pill dispenser on YOU TUBE for additional information

MED-Q Smart Pillbox with alarms is a simple, reliable and affordable solution.  For these reasons, a simple device that can improve the Quality of life of Alzheimer’s’ sufferers

Med-Q Smart Pill Box to the rescue.

Place your pills in the spacious, individual, easy to open/close daily Pill boxes. Set you Personal times, “once or twice a day”.  Henceforth our Smart Pill Box will use LED-LITE-BOX technology to make this Pill clock the solution to forgetting.   In other words, MED-Q Programmable Pill Reminder uses it’s repeating Triple Alarms. Reminds and Guides. You can make forgetting, double/triple dosing or even worse a thing of the past.Smart Pill Dispenser for deaf

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bestprogrammable pill dispenser alarm timer


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