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Med-Q Smart PillBox Reminder for Dad’s Medication

Med-Q Smart PillBox Reminder for Dad's Medication

Finally, the Smart Med-Q Smart Pill Box Reminder for Dad's Medication.  First of all, over 125 people die each year form medication mistakes.  Second, almost 10 percent of Emergency room and hospital visits is caused by medication errors.  Third, 1 in 4 assisted living admits is from medication mistakes.  Finally, the cost is in excess of 250 billion dollars per year.  Hence, Med-Q Smart Pill Box Reminder for Dad's Medication.

Med-Q Smart Pill Box Reminder for Dad's Medication Reviews

Med-Q Smart PillBox Reminder5.0 out of 5 stars
Call the help line for set-up and you'll be fine.
on July 14, 2018
This is an excellent product once you get it set up, and you will probably need to call the help line like I did after wasting an hour trying to do it myself. The customer service was super. You get individual time with a technician who knows how to walk you through the setup process. Then it worked fine! My mother is now able to use it. The machine prompts the use to take the pills from the AM or PM slot with a specific red light and audio alarm.
The trick is that the person needs to be able to learn to press the "next alert" button on the top of the machine after taking the pills. Overall, I would buy this again and call the helpline in order to set it up. Thank you so much for this excellent product which will help organize an often confusing task

Med-Q Smart Pil Box Reminder to the rescue

Med-Q Smart PillBox Reminder
Med-Q Smart PillBox Reminder

Smart PillBox Reminder prevents missed prescriptions and OTC pills and tablet.  The old fashion pll boxes were not getting the job done.  First, seniors can not afford to miss their life saving pills and supplements.   First, they need to stay on top of the pill siltation.  However, life gets in the way of proper compliance.    It is critical for a person with a chronic illness.  For example, high blood pressure of high cholesterol.   Men and women can't afford to miss prescription medications.  Furthermore, they ought not to miss doses or take them at the wrong times.  Med-Q is Pill Reminder strongly recommend it to anyone who takes meds daily.

Med-Q Smart PillBox Reminder for Dad's Medication
Med-Q Smart PillBox Reminder for Dad's Medication

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Again, a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee. FREE Standard Shipping & Handling. Award Winning Customer Service.


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Med-Q Smart Pillbox Reminder Alarm to the rescue

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