MED-Q smart pill organizer with alarms

Med-Q smart pill organizer with alarms

Struggling with Loved Ones taking their Life-Saving Medications

pill box with alarmsMed-Q smart pill organizer with alarms Pill Box solves Medication Errors.  Furthermore our Medication Compliance System is the MODERN SOLUTION TO FORGETTING AND MIS-DOSING In like manner, This pill dispenser or smart Pill Box, keeps loved ones out of assisted living.

Med-Q smart pill organizer with alarms changes everything

Amazing Smart Pill Organizer with Alarms is an Amazing pillbox for seniors and Health Care Professionals. Then again, read Med-Q Pill Holder actual user reviews. Above all Med-Q Smart Pill Box makes a real difference for Loved Ones and Caregivers.

Med-Q Medication Compliance System

?The Escalating Audio Alarms makes sure the Meds are taken at the right time.  Miss a Pill, No Problem, the Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer with Alarms repeats every 30 Minutes until the pills are taken. Not an “Old Fashion”, Dumb Pill Organizer.  Med-Q’s SMART pill dispenser makes it Virtual Impossible to Forget or Over-Dose Medications. Finally, a PillBox that is more than a DUMB Pill Organizer.  Simple Set Up Videos for Med-Q Electronic Medication dispenser with alarms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Daily Reminders.

“Cutting Edge ” Pill Holder with alarms was created to keep Loved Ones at home.

Alzheimer's forgetting medication

A smart Medication reminder can save 10’s, if not 100’s of thousands of dollars. Be proactive with medication and keep family and friend at home.  with Med-Q pill dispenser.  Did you know, up to 90% of ?Seniors make regular mistakes with their medication.

How big is the Problem? Imagine two 747’s crashing every day. This is the SHOCKING NUMBER of people lost to medication errors every day. Control Health before Health Controls You.

Med-Q “Cutting Edge ” Pill Holder with alarms is a gr?eat tool

For medication management for individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It is particularly helpful in the Early and Middle stages. A caregiver’s best friend. Med-Q Programmable Pill Organizer with it’s Three ALARMS will make p?ill time easy.

med-q smart pill organizer

The Reliability as well as the ease of operation of the Pill Reminder FLASHING LITE-BOX to guide them to the right pills.  LED-LITE-BOX Technology coupled with Blasting Audio Alarms.

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