Loved Ones need the Smart Pill Organizer for taking their Life-Saving Medications

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Smart Medication Organizer Makes it Virtually Impossible to Forget or Over Dose

The  Med-Q Programmable Pill organizer with TRIPLE ALARMS makes pill time simple.  Seniors use the simplicity of the Medication Organizer’s  FLASHING LITE-BOX to guide them to the right pills.  The Escalating Audio Alarms makes sure the Meds are taken at the right time.  Miss a Pill, No Problem, the Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer with alarms will repeat every 30 minutes until the pills are taken.  med-q smart pill organizer

Not your Grandma’s Old Fashion Prescription Medication Organizer!


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America’s #1 Smart Pill Dispenser with Alarms

America’s Number #1 Smart Pill Reminder with LED LITE-BOX & Triple Alarms

Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer’s cutting-edge design is simple and affordable.  Are you still using an OLD FASHION pill organizer  or an out of date prescription pill holder?  Take advantage of modern technology to fight medication non-compliance.  Med-Q Pill Reminder with alarm  gives Loved ones Independence and Quality of Life in their Golden Years.  Now it’s Your Turn to Take Care of smart pill organizer

FAQYour Simple, Reliable, Affordable Solution  

Med-Q pill organizer is the user friendly pill box.  The Simplicity of the best Supplement & Medication Reminder is what makes this  Pill Organizer different from the rest.   The Goal was to design a “Cutting Edge” Pill Reminder that’s the Best Pill Reminder System.  Med-Q Pill Boxes are the simple, reliable, affordable solution.  No more stress and worry that goes with making sure medication is taken right.  Try Med-Q Pill Organizer in your own home, Risk Free.

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Med-Q’s Genius keeps Loved Ones at Home

Med-Q Smart pill dispenser with alarms was created to keep family and friends at home.  A smart pill reminder can save 100’s of thousands of dollars in assisted living costs. Staying in your own home is priceless.  Med-Q Smart Medication Organizer to the Rescue.  Give Loved One’s the Quality of Life they Deserve.

Programmable Medication organizer for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers

The Smart Pill Organizer was designed for the special needs of Early and Middle Stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The Alzheimer’s Association recommends that a Pill reminder should be the first decision for management of prescriptions.  pill organizer


Tell Everyone about the smart Pill Organizer with Triple Alarms and Led-Lite-Box Technology.  Prevent accidentally under dosing and over dosing.  Follow the Smart Pill box  @ Google+  Facebook  Youtube

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