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Med-Q Smart pill dispenser with alarm to the rescue

America’s Best Smart pill dispenser with alarm

Med-Q pill dispenser with alarm to the rescue

Med-Q Smart Medication Reminder Pill Box to the rescue.

First, Smart America’s Best Smart pill dispenser with alarm to the rescue. Med-Q Smart America’s Best Smart pill dispenser with alarms and reminders. Second, Even with phone reminders, Dad was missing his pills.    Third, Robert said, “I would call Dad to remind him. However, he said he would take his prescription pills as soon as he got off the phone.  Something always came up and he would forget hos meds. Finally, Robert and his Dad were experiencing the same problem that over 90% of seniors face according to the World Health Association). A programmable pill dispenser with reminder alarms is a crucial tool in medication Management. 

There are many types of Pill Dispensers to choose from.

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Med-Q pill dispenser

Smart Medication dispensers with alarms can be purchased  at sites like the CVS or Walgreen.  We at MED-Q Smart Medication dispenser pill box  are always getting feedback from our users.  With extended families, the MED-Q has been a great tool for family members to help out of town parents and grandparents.  Managing medications is easier if a smart pill box is used. In addition, always have a complete list of all medications that are being taken. Importantly, this list ought to have the name of the medicine, the doctor who prescribed it, how much the person is taking. Finally, it should include the dosing schedule.

Visit Tracking Your Medications: Worksheet for a template. Keep the list in a safe place at home. A;lso, keep a copy to keep in your wallet, purse or glove compartment. Finally, always have it with you when you visit the doctor or pharmacist.

LED LITE-BOX Technology is what gives the MED-Q pillbox it’s edge.

Know the reason and possible side effects of each medicine (prescription as well as any OTC( over-the-counter)) the person with Alzheimer’s disease is taking. Top 8 questions to ask the doctor or pharmacist:

  • First, why is this particular medicine being taken?
  • What are the positive effects I should expect. In addition, what should be looked for, and when?
  • How long will the meds be taken it?
  • What kind of Smart pill dispenser with alarm should be used
  • Furthermore, how many should he or she take each day?
  • How often should the dose be taken?
  • When does the person need to take the medicine (Dosing times)?
  • What should be done in the event that a person has misses a dose?
  • A there negative side effects, and what can be done to prevent them?
  • Can this medicine cause problems if taken with other medicines?

 Susan M.has another Smart Medication Reminder Pill Box success story.

smart medication reminder pill box
Americas’ Best Automatic pill Dispenser with Alarms and Programmable timers

Susan E of Elgin, Illinois is a typical s Best Smart pill dispenser with alarm customer.  Her  mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  Susan was calling her Mom every morning to remind her to take her pills.  Even with phone call reminders, her Mom was missing over 30% of her pills.  The MED-Q Pill Dispenser with alarms has solved the problem.

Med-Q Recommend that people always Check that the label on each prescription bottle has the drug name and dose, patient’s name, dosage frequency, and expiration date.

Susan said, ”  I am a busy working Mom with four children”.  The added responsibility of my daily calls was a pressure I didn’t need.  I will admit. I would remember that I didn’t call her. For example, when I was going to sleep at nigh, Hence, now it was too late.

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First of all, seniors with Alzheimer’s often have other medical conditions.

For example, diabeteshigh blood pressure, or heart disease. In fact, the average senior is taking between 5-7 prescription pills each day. Furthermore, this number does not include vitamins and supplements.. Finally, it’s critical to take the medications as directed by the health care professional.

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Mom has not missed a dose in over three months now.  Thanks MED-Q! Susan had been using an old fashion Pill box with no types of alarms.
Mom forgetting pill for Dad forgetting medication will be a thing of the past Alzheimer’s forgetting medication or forgetting depression medication will be solved.  This is more than a pill clock, this is a pill alarm that means no forgetting or double dosing.  Finally, take control of health before health takes control of you.

Managing Medicines for a Person with Alzheimer’s

Men and women with Alzheimer’s disease will always need help taking prescription medicine. First, in the event that the individual is living alone, you may need to call and remind them. Second, many will leave notes around the home. A smart pill dispenser with alarms, like the MED-Q Pill Reminder, allows you to put pills for each day in one place. Get a smart pillbox with with alarms and flashing guides. Hence, it will remind a person to take the medicine and show them which pills to take..

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Managing Medicines for a Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Medicines to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

There are 5 new kinds of medicines to treat Alzheimer’s disease. However, none of these medicines can cure or stop the disease. Hence, for some people it will help slow down certain problems. For example, memory loss and confusion. Finally, when slowing down memory loss, can allow many people can be more comfortable and independent .

Medicines to Treat Other Medical Conditions

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Be sure to use Medicines Safely

Seniors suffer from a condition as the get older.  The medical term, “Age Induced medication Mistakes“.  AIMM’s is a normal part of the aging process.  Slight decrease in cognitive skills can be expected.  Again, this is a normal part of aging and should not be confused with Dementia or Alzheimer’s.  The Smart Pill Box was designed to address the AIMM’s problem “head on”.  Finally, Med-Q Smart pill dispenser with alarm to the rescue.   To sum up, no decisions means no mistakes.

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Med-Q Smart pill dispenser with alarm to the rescue
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