automatic pill dispenser for alzheimer's

MED-Q smart pill dispenser for Mom

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Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser to the Rescue

Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser for Dad’s Pills

Worried about Dad forgetting Pills?  The Smart Pill Dispenser with Alarm will repeat it alarms every 30 minutes until the medication has been taken and the next alert has been activated.   A Medication Reminder that is a Pill Alarm clock.  You can rely on Med-Q’s Smart Pill Dispenser Genius.  Your Loved Ones do not have to make decisions. “No Decisions, Means No Mistakes”. Set it once and it will repeat the alarms automatically every week.


 The Smart Pill Dispenser reduces Caregiver’s Workload. 

You can “Control Their Health before their Health controls Them”.  Taking care of you loved ones has never been easier with the MED-Q Pillbox.  No more Mom Forgetting Medication.,  No stressing over Dad Forgetting pillsMes will be taken and no more Stress and Worry.  Med-Q Smart Pill dispenser “Cutting Edge Design” is America’s #1 Pill Box with alarm featuring 21st Century LED Lite-Box Technology.  Med-Q Pill Box is a medication timer unlike anything else.    

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Worried about Dad forgetting pills or over-dosing?

 Taking care of your Loved Ones has never been easier with the aid of 21st Century Technology .  Med-Q Smart Pill Box  is the best pill box alarm system.  It will reduce the Caregiver’s stress and worry and WORK LOAD. Finally an “ALL-IN-ONE” Smart pillbox with Flashing guides. Where else can such a small cost have such a HUGE impact on your Loved Ones Health and Independence.  

MED-Q Smart Pillbox with alarms

Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser starts at normal Volume and keeps getting “LOUDER & LOUDER” until Pills are Taken.

  With a Smart pill Dispenser there is no need to stress over the the TIME, “Am or PM” even “Day of the Week”.   No Decisions means no more Mistakes.   Suffering with Mom forgetting pills, Dad forgetting medication…. no more with MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser.

alarm pill dispenser

pill dispenser


Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser is available of Institutional sales.  Private branding of the Smart pill reminder is available. Med-Q Smart Pill box helps give Seniors the Quality of Life they Deserve in their Golden years.worried about dad forgetting pills

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