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Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms for Loved Ones

Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms for Loved Ones


MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms has prevented Thousands of mistakes.

MEDS-Q smart pill dispenser with alarms.  To sum up Med-Q smart Pill Dispenser with alarms prevents mistakes.  Above all you could have prevented and every one of those mistakes.  Accordingly these mistakes  could put your loved ones into to Assisted Living as well as a Nursing Home.  At the same time Ten Percent of all ER visits is because of medication errors?  In spite of this fact,  seniors are not using a programmable pill dispenser for their prescriptions.  Moreover Med-Q programmable Pill Dispenser with alarms will keep Dad from forgetting his medications.  In addition  Mom taking to many pills will disappear..   By the same token, better medication management (Medication Compliance) will keep Mom and Dad at home longer.

Likewise, MED-Q smart Pill Dispenser with alarms is the best Medication Dispenser

Thus MED-Q smart pill reminder with alarms is Caregivers Best Friend.  The Smart Medication Holder is like having a “Live-In-Helper”, every day at the time to take the medication.  Similarly the responsibility will be transfer from the Caregiver to the MED-Q   Pill reminder with alarms . In the same way, your family Caregiver works, the MED-Q’s alarms will work just as hard.

In addition Med-Q  Programmable PillBox saves more then lives, 

Incidentally, Med-Q  7 or 14 day Pill Box is available for Institutional sales.  In addition, private branding of the Smart pill box is also available.  By the way, a Great Alzheimer’s pill alarm.pill reminder

Why did we develop Med-Q Smart Medication Dispenser?

smart pill dispenserWe began working on Med-Q Smart Medication Dispenser to help our family and friends who struggle with taking their pills.  Incidentally this keeps them healthy.  As a result of the widespread the problems of medication mismanagement, Accordingly we developed Med-Q.  For the most part an affordable problem solver for everyone.

We understand the struggles people go through to take and keep track of their medications and supplements.  To illustrate, millions of people take multiple pills each day and over 35 Percent make regular mistakes with their prescription medications.  By the same token,  avoidable problems steal way our Loved One’s health.  In the second place,  cost to the healthcare system over 250 Billion dollars every year.

Med-Q  is the only home medication reminder with LED LITE-BOX Technology.  

Med-Q smart pill dispenser
America’s #1 Pill reminder with LITE-BOX Guides and ;lasting, Repeating Alarms

The Med-Q medication device automates sorting and dispensing of pills. A companion mobile application notifies you when it’s time to take your medications and keeps track of everything.  To Clarify  Med-Q’s  goal is keeping seniors Independent as well as in their own homes.

Take a Proactive Stance on Medication Compliance.  

It is Important to realize, medication errors are the number three leading cause of death.  In fact number one is cancer.  In addition number 2 is heart disease.  The shocking truth, over 100,000 people in the U.S. die every year for medication mistakes.  Most compelling evidence, the Wall Street Journal has called medication errors, “America’s other drug problem.  Using the Med-Q smart pill reminder is the solution to home medication mistakes. 

How big is the Forgetting Problem?

Medication Box with Alarms
Med-Q pill organizer Medication Alarm and Timer

Meanwhile the most recent Studies have shown that as much as 75% of us  take medications.  and about 60% of People also are taking vitamins and supplements.  In fact you think you are the only one who struggles with managing all these medications. In my opinion you are not alone. To put it another way, researchers have found that about 40% of the elderly don’t stick to our medication regimens!

To demonstrate, every one knows how easy it is to forget about taking your prescriptions. 

That is to say,  leaving for work or running off to do errand leads to forgetting and over dosing.  However, if one were to add up these errors add up over time you will see how you are jeopardize your health.  Furthermore scientists have discovered that the more you forget your Life Saving prescriptions the more likely you are to be hospitalized.

For this reason We developed Med-Q Pill Dispenser

med-q pill box dispenser
med-q pill box dispenser

We don’t want loved ones, and their health care professionals to have to worry  and wonder ever again.  Now you know if  you took your medications. For the purpose of keeping the elderly healthy and not waste their earned money on large hospital bills!

Why we Created a Smart Medication Dispenser with alarms:

People Forgetting to take their doses.  Double Dosing, not sure if you took your pills and taking them again and again.  Take medications as needed, but you neglect to  track the pills or how many you take.  Don’t think  it is necessary to take your pills because you feel better. At the same time your doctor is telling you to take them

med-q smart pill dispenserAs a result of  being stressed out over wondering if your loved one took their pills.
Given that you have a hard time to physically arranging your own meds.  

Med-Q uses a cutting edge, patent-pending design to ensure medication compliance.  

The Med-Q Electronic Pillbox was designed to be able to hold and dispense any and all FDA-approved pills.  Each type of pill is sorted into its own, individual pill box compartment. This will allow you to always be able to manually access your pills. Med-Q Automatic pill Dispenser with alarms is the best Medication Dispenser for Seniors keep track of which reservoir has each type of pill.

Hello pills, meet technology

Med-q Medication reminder a smart pill dispenser with alarms that holds, dispenses, and reminds you when it’s time to take your pills. It helps manages pills for you and your loved ones.

Who is Med-Q Medication Dispenser Used for?  If you are  taking any kind of  medications or supplements, Med-Q Medication Dispenser is right for you.   and wants to be more organized and not worry. We purposely designed Med-Q to be simple to operate for anyone.  With this in mind, we have taken in to account Hearing and Visually impaired seniors.

Keep Loved ones out of  Assisted Living

pill dispenser with alarmsHealth In reports that 25% of Assisted Living Admits are unnecessary.  The reason for premature admission…”MEDICATION MISTAKES”.  The Med-Q Smart Pillbox with its LED LITE-BOX Technology and Triple Alarms comes to your Loved One’s rescue.   Bright Flashing LITE-BOX guides the user to the correct dose.    Your 5 Minute alarm gets louder and louder.  Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispensers with alarms is for their Health and Well Being.

All things considered our Personalized Medication Reminder helps maintain the Quality of Life.  For Instance did I take them?  In the same way did I forget ?  Next what should I do?   Consequently Seniors are able to eliminate errors with the  Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer with alarms.  In a word a Smart Pill Holder that Reminds and Guides saves lives.

smart pill dispenser with alarms
Best smart pill dispenser with alarms

Uniquely, Programmable Pill Dispensers with alarms for Alzheimer’s Caregivers.

  With this intention the Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms was designed for the special needs of Early and Middle Stages of Alzheimer’s.  Furthermore it was Specifically designed for the special needs of a Dementia suffer.  For this reason the Alzheimer’s Association recommends that a electronic Pill Dispenser.  All things considered Med-Q Smart Pill dispenser with alarms ought to  be the first decision .

In effect Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms to the Rescue

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