Med-Q Smart Pill Box

Not all Pill Boxes are Created Equal

Do you worry that your loved ones will forget to take their medication? With the Med-Q smart pill organizer, the worry is gone. Pill boxes do not just hold medication, they save millions of lives everyday.  Relying on life-saving medication, you cannot afford to take any chances with  forgetting pills. The  Med-Q Smart Pill Box leaves nothing to chance, because unlike old fashioned pill boxes, the Med-Q Smart Pill Box tells loved ones that it is time to take their meds.  This means that unlike other pill boxes, the Med-Q smart pill organizer helps ensure medication is taken when it needs to be, and it doesn’t stop reminding your loved ones until they take it.  It really is a Matter of Life or Death.

Med-Q Smart Pill Box
Med-Q Smart Pill Box

Attention grabbing FLASHING LED LITE-BOX easily guides the user to correct day of the week as well as the proper dose.

The Med-Q pill box BLASTING AUDIO ALARMS tells loved ones when it’s time to take their life saving pills and supplements.

Smart pill boxes alarms REPEAT EVERY 30 MINUTES,   unlike old fashion pill boxes, to make sure your loved ones take their pills

Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer Even Takes Arthritis and Alzheimer’s Into Account

Try Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer 100% Risk Free in Your Home  

See how MedQ smart pill organizers avoid the physical, emotional and financial crises that medication mistakes cause


Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer
VMed-Q Smart Pill Organizer

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Med-Q Smart Pill Organizers–Because Now it’s Your Turn to Take Care of Them