MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm solves Medication Errors.

MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm for Grandma

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm for Grandma

Amazing Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm to Grandma’s rescue

Smart Pill Box with AlarmsThe Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm for Grandma has been shown to be a Life saver.  With today’s hectic lifestyle a Smart Pill Box with Alarm for Grandma making mistakes with her pills is invaluable.   First, going to work.  Second,  engaging in different social activities as well as other  family obligation.  Finally,  just day to day living.  Hence, a Smart pill dispenser is what grandma must have.  No more grandma forgetting medication.  No more Grandpa forgetting prescription pills.  Simply put,    MED-Q is a 21st Century Medication box that reminds and guides seniors and the disabled.

Smart Pill Box with Alarm for Grandma

Smart Pill Box with Alarms for Grandma
Smart Pill Box

The MED-Q  Pill box with alarm is totally unique.  The Medication timer uses the patent pending LED LITE-BOX technology. First, the smart Pillbox will light up ONLY the compartment holding the pills that need to betaken at that time.  Second, the pillbox will flash, guiding the Pill box user to the correct individual compartment.  Finally, user simply take the pills in the flashing box.  No decision, means no mistakes. 

Smart PillBox for Grandma with Alarms

Smart Pill Box with Alarms for GrandmaGrandma forgetting pills and Grandpa over dosing his medication is why MED-Q was designed with 3 alarms.  The Blasting Audio alarm starts out at normal volume and doubles over 5 minutes.  Hence,  Seniors with hearing problems are able to hear their medication box,  The alarm continues for a 5 minutes and then shuts off. The alarm will repeat ever 25 minutes until your loved ones have taken the life saving pills and supplements.

If you are a loved one’s caregiver  just watch the YOU TUBE VIDEO.

Care givers owe it to themselves to try the smart pill box with alarms for grandma. Finally, a way to  eliminate the stress as well as wondering.  A small investment that will have a huge payoff.  MED-Q Smart Pill box for Grandma with Alarm is a 21st Century Home Medication Box.  Firs of all, it solves the forgetting and over dosing problem.  Years of testing has created the #1 electronic pill dispenser with LED LITE-Box technology.  To sum up, MED-Q to the Rescue.

MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms for Grandma
Smart PillBox with Alarms for Grandma

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