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MED-Q Smart Pill box tells you

Med-Q Smart Pill box tells you what to do if you miss your pills

I’ve Missed my Pill now what?

Med-q smart pill box with alarm and lockWhy do you need med-q smart pill box? Did you know that over 85 Percent of Individuals forget to take their pills on a regular basis.  Health Care Professionals need  to  answer the, missed my pill question to have a plan in place for the patients when they miss of forget their daily pills.  Most Individuals  have the believe that a personalized plan ought to become a standard procedure when medicine has been prescribed.

Currently there are Medicine available for the most used prescription pills.  They will all include an area that tells you what to do in the event have the missed my pill or pills problems.  The general population  has used many method to try to remember to take their pills.  These can range from, calendar sheets, programmable pill box with alarms, Smart pill boxes, as well as telephone reminder services. The use of these types of monitoring and reminder systems are extremely helpful in ending medication Non-Compliance.   Technology can eliminate doctors hearing, “missed my pill, what do I do now?”med-q smart pill

How come pill users don’t know how to handle missed pills?

Your Doctor and Pharmacist is well aware of the fact that huge numbers of prescription medication users forget to take their medicines and supplements.  Non-compliance, the medical term for not taking your medications as prescribed by your health care professionals has been labeled by the Wall Street Journal as America’s other drug problem

A survey reported that a full 90% of prescription medication users want to know what they ought to do if the miss a pill,  Conversely, only 2 Percent didn’t care. How many people are saying, I missed my pills, what do I do now? In fact, a Nationwide report showed that under half of individuals got the needed directions.

Seniors has a condition called AIMM’s.

Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s) is a normal part of the aging process.  This is not, and should not be confused with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  These are diseases and should be treated as such.  With AIMM’s, senior are going to forget to take their pills.  Generally speaking, the problem will get worse as the age.  med-q smart pill box can solve the AIMM’s issue.

It should be part of the pharmacists’ directions and advice on what one should do when they miss taking  their dose at the proper time.  This should be made a standard in dispensing prescriptions.

missed my pillTake a Proactive Stance on a medication strategy 

When folks miss a pill or two  should be looked at within the structure of peoples non-compliance issues.  In spite of the troubles that happen, since health care providers are not given the data so the Individual to safely use the medication, nothing is being done about it.  Education a person on the course of action to take when pills are forgotten as well as offer specific approaches and solutions to reduce forgotten doses is prudent. 

Giving a written hand out which will show what action to take if pills are missed, has been proven to aid in patients ability to self administration prescription medications and supplements. a great reduction in the missed my pill problem

Sponsored by Med-Q Medication Box reminder for AIMM’s

This type of hand out on the left should be simple for your doctor, as well as pharmacists to provide to you.  The most common prescription medicines in the Country of Australia , come with the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) sheet.  Each and every one of the CMI’s come with a part called ‘What to do if you miss a dose’. 

Med-Q Smart Pill box
med-q smart pill box is America’s best Pill Reminder

If Individuals were handed a CMI sheet when they get their prescription, they are more likely to ask their pharmacists about the information on the sheet, especially the forgetting part.

Consequences of not using a smart pill box for your needed medication

Different people have different requirements.  Some on missing a daily dose of baby aspirin is much less likely to have horrible consequences then someone taking anti seizure mediation.  Taking aspirin has both potential health benefits, and possible risks of bleeding. Daily aspirin therapy reduces risk of subsequent heart attacks in patients with a prior history of a heart attack, coronary artery disease (like atherosclerosis), or risk factors for developing coronary artery disease.

  The users actual physical condition and the nature of their illness will dictate the importance of taking their pills properly.  It is recommended to use med-q smart pill box to ensure proper dosing

Med-Q Smart Pill box
Med-Q Smart Pill box

The importance of the prescription is based on the patient. 

Susceptible individuals need to take their pills properly.  An example of which is epilepsy.  The sufferer needs to maintain a certain level or concentration of the drug in their bloodstream to ward off seizures. When this level drops, from missing their pills, it may take several days for the proper blood level to return.  During this “Lag” period, the individual is much more likely to suffer from a seizure.   

control Cardiovascular diseases
High Blood Pressure

Another example is Thromboembolic sickness.    This means that your blood will not clot after a cut or other injury.  Medication must be used to keep the clotting at a safe levels.  To work, the pills must be taken each day at the same time.  A Smart Pill Box would be a great tool for these individuals.  Here is an example where missing a day doesn’t real harm the individual to much: Hypertension , commonly referred to as High Blood Pressure a single missed pill has little to no effect.  This being said, the problem is that they don’t just forget one pill.

It is important to educate the patients at the pharmacy. Tell them different ideas to reduce the number of over looked pills and other medication mistakes.  Focusing on a specific action plan has shown to be effective.   Whether it is a personal medication diary or using med-q smart pill box has proven to be extremely helpful.

What is a Therapeutic Index and why is it important?

The therapeutic index shows the collection of levels  between the pills concentration that creates negative effects and the pill concentration that is needed for therapeutic (health) end product.  A slim therapeutic indicator signifies tiny enhancements in the concentration may cause toxicity and also,  tiny reductions in concentration may have an end result of a loss in the drug’s efficiency

A Pre-Emptive approach is the best Start

A pre-emptive attitude is the best way to begin.  This will put you on the road to better compliance.  Knowledge  is power, if you know the pill’s 1/2 life you can understand the importance of your daily dose.   Did you know that if you miss a dose it could take 4-5 days before your bodies proper level is returned?  Missing one day can affect you for a much longer period than 24 hours.

Typically, prescription medicines, or the active ingredient, that has an extended 1/2 life have been shown to cause significantly less issues if a pill is forgotten then  medications with a very brief 1/2 life.  This is because the longer life pills will stay in your system for a longer period of time than the short half-life pills.  Forgetting  multiple doses over a period of days causes more issues.  An example of which is pills with an extended 1/2 live often will take a long time  before it will rise to the level needed to make it effective once again.

Pills that have short  1/2 lives tend to lose beneficial result quickly.  Furthermore, meds that have 1st dose effects, an example of which is what is called a ACE inhibitor in combination with diuretics, may also present clinical problems when normal dosing is resumed.  Overall, surprisingly few studies have examined the clinical significance of a missed dose.

electronic pill box with timer
med-q smart pill box

Many studies have been done regarding birth control pills.

One would think that the chances of becoming pregnant would be the emphases needed to remember to take women to remember their Birth Control pills.  The fact of the matter , is that this is not always the case. The stats on unwanted pregnancy jumps for women who are starting college.  The new environment has caused them to forget more often.

Forgetting the pill has plenty of documented evidence that has been published.  Girls who are on the pill ought to know about the hazards involved over a missed pill as well as what should be done if a pill dose is forgotten.  With the complications of the data, as well as the chances of getting pregnant when you don’t want to, it’s vital that all spoken information is verified in writing.  This is a great time to use a CMI sheet if one is available.  In the event that there isn’t a CMI sheet, written notes based on the pharmacist’s advice is beneficial.

Med-Q smart Pill box with alarm offers these Conclusions

It is safe to say that the bulk of Individuals will forget to take their pills.  A few pills missed now and then may have little effect on the individual’s health or the effectiveness of the medication.  This being said, multiple missed doses can cause a drop in the quality of life, financial crisis and in some cases, death.  Medication errors have just become the #3 leading cause of death in the United States, behind cancer and heart disease. To sum up, they can be solved with med-q smart pill box

Forgetting to take your prescription medication is not like forgetting where you put your car keys. In case you didn’t remember to take your last doses, just your next dose at the right dose and correct amount.  Do not take any more than your doctor prescribed.

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