Mom Forgetting pills Again?

mom forgetting pills

Mom forgetting Pills can be solved with LITE-BOX Technology and triple alarms.  The Smart Pill Box to the Rescue.

If your Mom Forgetting pills has become a problem.

The time is right for the MED-Q Smart Pill box with Alarms.  Old Fashion Pill Boxes do not work.  Modern technology has made forgetting prescription meds a fixable problem.   MED-Q Smart Pillbox has been designed to keep your loved ones at home by keeping  Mom on her medication schedules.    The Pill Clock uses triple alarms.  The first Medication box alarm is audio.  The Second alarm is a visual flashing in the individual pill box that need to be taken.  No decision, means, No forgetting pills




As Mom get older she will be taking more and more medication.

 This coincided with memory loss.  This is a dangerous combination. How can Mom forgetting pills can be avoided?  Use Home Healthcare or a smart pill dispenser that will prevent mom forgetting pills.  We all know that in Today’s busy world mom forgetting pills is becoming a bigger and bigger problem.  Put all these factors together, and you have a recipe for disaster.Pill Box Organizer with Alarms


In Mom’s golden years the last thing she needs to worry about is taking her meds.  


This is a typical MED-Q Question:

Loved Ones forgetting pillsmom forgetting pills is happening on a regular basis. It gets even worse.  She cracked her hip bone is in a wheelchair. It is very hard for my Step-Dad to get her around. So things are even worse now. He tried to help with Mom forgetting pills but now we have the problem of Dad forgetting Medication.  Is there some type of smart pill dispenser?  We need help!!  We don’t want to move them into assisted living but it seems like we have to.

Mom or Grandma forgetting pills can be solved with your MED-Q Smart pill Box.  Try it thirty days risk free and see for yourself.

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