Med-Q Smart pill Box for Alzheimer’s


Med-Q Smart pill Box for Alzheimer’s success story


Mom Forgetting Pills gets worse with Alzheimer’s


 Smart Pill Box for Alzheimer’s with alarms

smart pill boxThe idea is to get Mom and Dad patient to learn how to use a smart pill box for Alzheimer’s and dementia.  If learned now,  Mom and Dad may be able to do it automatically.   We have found  that at the end of 2 weeks, 90 percent of people are able to use the Med-Q Smart Pill box for Alzheimer’s with Alarms.  

As can be seen Med-Q helps with Mom forgetting pills.  if your Mom forgetting pills has gotten out of control the will lose Independence and health,  This means things they were able to do on their own is now impossible.   When a Mom or dad  can’t  keep track of medications, it may be time for assisted pill box for alzheimer's

Marty D is a typical story of Mom Forgetting pills caused by Alzheimer’s

Mom Forgetting Pills

Mom Forgetting pills is not like her losing her keys.  Medication mistakes are the number 3 cause of premature death, behind Cancer #1 and Heart disease #2.  Mom forgetting pills and vitamin is laterally the difference between life and death.   The shocking death toll, Over 250 Thousand every year.

Med-Q electronic pill box for Alzheimer’s can help in the mild or early dementia or Alzheimer’s.  

It is not uncommon to experience mom forgetting pill or dad forgetting medication.  This could be made worse if the are forgetting depression medication.   Med-Q is the electronic Pill Box that uses triple alarms to make forgetting and over dosing virtually impossible.

pill box testimonaiBoone IA.  Marty D.)   Med-Q Smart Pill Box for Alzheimer’s to the rescue.   Mom forgetting pills got worse as her Alzheimer’s progressed.  I couldn’t make sure my Mom was taking Alzheimer’s pills.  

In fact she was messing up with all his pills.  She’s 82 and  takes medications for high blood pressure and a COPD.  Mom also takes vitamins and a daily baby aspirin.  We were thinking of assisted living.

I saw the Med-Q Smart Pill Box with alarm on YouTube.  This really solved mom forgetting pills and  dad forgetting medication.

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