Med-Q Smart Medication Reminder Pill Box to the rescue

Med-Q Smart Medication Reminder Pill Box to the rescue.

First, Smart Medication Reminder to the rescue. Med-Q Smart Medication Reminder has alarms and reminders.  Second, Even with phone reminders, her Mom was missing pills.    Third, Susan said, “I would call my Mom and remind her, she said she would take her pills as soon as she got off the phone.  Something always came up and she would forget.”  Finally, Susan and her Mom were experiencing the same problem that over 90% of seniors face according to the World Health Association). A programmable pill dispenser with reminder alarms is a crucial tool in medication Management. 

There are many types of Pill Boxes to choose from.

 Smart Medication Reminders with alarms can be purchased  at sites like the ALZ Store or retail stores like Walgreen.  We at MED-Q Smart Medication reminder pill box  are always getting feedback from our users.  With extended families, the MED-Q Pill Box has been a great tool for family members to help out of town parents and grandparents.  The peace of mind the med reminder gives is invaluable.

 Susan M.has another Smart Medication Reminder Pill Box success story.

Americas' Best Automatic pill Dispenser with Alarms and Programmable timers
Americas' Best Automatic pill Dispenser with Alarms and Programmable timers

Susan M of Chicago, Illinois is a typical MED-Q Smart Pill Box customer.  Her  mother is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  Susan was calling her Mom every morning to remind her to take her pills.  Even with phone call reminders, her Mom was missing over 25% of her pills.  The MED-Q Pill Dispenser solved the problem.

Susan said, ”  I am a busy working Mom with three kids.  The added responsibility of my daily calls was a pressure I didn’t need.  I will admit that I would remember that I didn’t call her when I was going to sleep at night and then it was too late.

The MED-Q Pill Box solved all the problems.

Mom has not missed a dose in over three months now.  Thanks MED-Q! ”   Susan had been using an old fashion Pill box with no types of alarms.

LED LITE-BOX Technology is what gives the MED-Q pillbox it's edge.

Mom forgetting pill for Dad forgetting medication will be a thing of the past Alzheimer's forgetting medication or forgetting depression medication will be solved.  This is more than a pill clock, this is a pill alarm that means no forgetting or double dosing.  Finally, take control of health before health takes control of you.

A  Caregivers's best friend.

Seniors suffer from a condition as the get older.  The medical term, "Age Induced medication Mistakes".  AIMM's is a normal part of the aging process.  Slight decrease in cognitive skills can be expected.  Again, this is a normal part of aging and should not be confused with Dementia or Alzheimer's.  The Smart Pill Box was designed to address the AIMM's problem "head on".  Finally, Med-Q smart med rinder means "no decisions to makes.  To sum up, no decisions means no mistakes.Best Medication Reminders pil box for Prescriptions

To sum up,  MED-Q Smart Medication Reminder Pill Box  offers FREE Standard Shipping & Handling. At last, Award Winning Customer Service in a pill box that actually works.

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