Challenges associated with medication non adherence

Med-Q Smart 7 day Pill Organizer with alarm is Simple

Med-Q Smart 7 day Medication Organizer with alarm has been Designed for Simplicity

med-q smart 7 day medication organizer with alarms Why a Med-Q Smart 7 day Medication Organizer with alarm?  Because, Mom forgetting Pills leads to a Emergency room.  My Mom was forgetting her pills about 50% of the time.  First, my brother and I were calling her twice a day.  The goal, remind her to take her pills.  Her old fashion medication organizer didn't prevent mom from forgetting pillsFor example, here is what happen last time she messed-up.

First, Mom missed three days in a row,  Second, she took 3ur days worth of pills at one time to catch up.  Third, she ended up in the emergency room

The Agency for Health Care research and Quality claims over 125 Thousand death per year.

Furthermore, A smart medication organizer with alarms for mom and dad prevents the shocking effects of medication errors.  To illustrate, over 10% of all Er & Hospital visits  was caused by medication mistakes (reported by the American Hospital Association).  In addition, up to 24-25% of assisted living admits can be prevented with a smart 7 day medication organizer with alarms for poper home medicateing.

Mom Forgetting Pills ends with 7 day medication organizer with alarm to the Rescue

Mom forgetting pills can be solved with the Reliable Med-Q Smart 7 day Medication Organizer

First of all,  65 year old Women average 5.6 prescription medication every day. Second of all, not including vitamins or herbal supplements.  Furthermore, Again, with Mom forgetting pills, the existing problems will get worse.  In addition, many health issues will become worse.  Any type of smart 7 day medication organizer with alarms or pill reminder is need.  Hence, modern technology to manage mom's 'medication. Technology has many new type of pill reminders for your mom or dad to choose from.

telephone pill reminderTrying out some Medication Smartphone Apps

First of all, Smart Phone Pill Reminder Apps can be put on smartphones.  Again,  Mom problem will not be solved with an alarm clock.  Second of allo, a smart phone reminders will act the same as a phone call.  Hence, the user must be next to the Pill box when the phone alarm sounds.  Senior's forgetting prescription medications will not be solved with a fancy pill alarm clock called a smartphone. Again, with the phone calls, studies have shown that over 30% of the time, mom will still not take the pills.  The reason will vary.  For example, Med-Q hears,  "I will take them later" to getting distracted and then forgetting altogether.  Finally,  forgetting pills can lead to overdosing.  To sum up, Overdosing can lead to a ER visit or even worse.

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Med-Q 7 day Medication Organizer with Alarm for Senior's Medication Compliance

Smart 7 day Pill Organizer to Insure Medication Adherence
Med-Q smart 7 day medication organizer with alarms

The Amazing New Med-Q 7 day pill organizer with Alarm to the rescue. 

As a result, Med-Q Weekly Medication organizer with Alarm and Flashing Led is the best solution.  Last, what to look for in a modern Pill box or Pill Dispenser.  Obviously, the best pill organizer with alarm is a personal choice.  Again, there are many medication boxes for sale.  Moreover, cost starts at 99 Cents and can go into the thousands.  Nevertheless, we at Med-Q weekly pill box with alarms recommend a reminder with flashing guides and blasting alarms.

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Med-Q Smart 7 day Pill Organizer with alarm

No More Mom forgetting pills

No more with the Med-Q Smart 7 day Pillbox. Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer with Alarm Starts at normal Volume and keeps getting “LOUDER & LOUDER” until Pills are Taken.   Finally, with a Smart Medication organizer there is no need to stress over the the TIME, “Am or PM” even “Day of the Week”.   To sum up, No Decisions means no Mistakes with the smart pillbox.Mom Forgetting Pills and Dad forgetting medication is going to get worse as the get older. 

Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer has been Designed for Simplicity

Weekly Pill Box with alarm Features:

  • In fact you can Personalized Programmable Pill Organizer for any Time, Day or Night
  • As noted, the Smart Pill Organizer has a Ergonomic Design
  • Next, the Pill organizer audio alarm features a unique cascading reminder, increasing in volume for 5 minutes before it stops.
  • First, The audio alarm will keep repeating the 5 minute cycle every 25 minutes until your pills are taken or the next alert is activated.

Med-Ql Automatic Pill Dispensers

    • Med-Q is Americas Best Automatic Pill Dispenser with LITE-BOX Guides and triple alarms.
  • At this time, when pressing the next alert button, the alarm will stop, however the individual box will continue to flash for ten seconds to ensure the correct pills are taken.
  • Second, the visual alarm features a LED-LITE-BOX Technology.
  • Without a doubt, the LED light will flash in the individual container that needs to be taken eliminating confusion and mistakes.
  • Equally important, the single beep pill organizer or double beep pill reminder for multiple users in the same household, or 4 dose a day users.
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