Med-Q Programmable Medication Box for Mom

Med-Q Programmable Medication Box for Mom

Med-Q Programmable Medication Box for Mom


Med-Q Programmable Medication Box keeps mom on her Pill schedule

A Programmable medication box is the first line of defense. Both for your Mom or Grandma's good health and well being.   The smart pill dispenser box will remind you mom when it is time to take her medication.  Forgetting to take out the trash is no big deal.  However,  mom forgetting pills  can mean the difference between life and death.    Med-Q programmable medication box is more than a  pillbox.  

The smart pillbox is designed to replace the cheap 14-day medication box.  


Taking Too Many Prescription pills.  First, Overdoses is the #1 cause of medication deaths.  In addition,  the most common medication error.  Proved by the FDA's recent  study about medication errors. Prescription medications that are abused is the worst offender. For example,  prescription painkillers. Again, Percocet, anti-anxiety medications like Xanax.  In addition, stimulants such as Adderall.  However, one can overdose on any kind of pill. In fact, overdoses of the commonly used medication Tylenol have been linked to as many as 970 fatalities.  Again, according to FDA.  To sum up, the statistic outlined was reported by ProPublica.

MED-Q medication box
med-q smart pill box

What is the Solution?

First, Do not ever  take more medicine than prescribed by your health care professional. Second, be on the look out for loved ones who may be over dosing prescription meds. Third, look for signs of prescription drug overuse.  Finally, they can include over-sedation as well as wild mood swings. To sum up, many will run out of medication early.  Med-Q Smart medication reminder with alarms uses it's Patent pending design to eliminate medication errors.  The  LED LITE-BOX Technology and triple alarms means no more Mom forgetting Pills.  In addition, Dad forgetting Medication.

Amazing Med-Q Programmable Medication Box to Mom's rescue

Cutting Edge Med-Q Medication Reminder is ergonomic designed.  In fact, this  makes it easy for your mom to use.  Over size button and finger-tip tabs makes handling the smart medication box simple.  Med-Q smart medication organizer saves more than lives. Your Smart Pill Box will help keep loved ones in their own home for as possible.  It has been estimated by the CDC that 25% of assisted living facilities are premature.  The cause for the premature admission is medication mistakes.

medication boxMom forgetting Medication or Dad forgetting pills is a big problem.

How big??   It has been estimated that medication mistakes lead to over 100 thousand premature death every year in the US.  In addition,  the cost in human life.  Furthermore,  the costs to the health care industry are astronomical.  The cost in wasted and unnecessary procedures, over 280 billion dollars a year.  Smart Medication Box Cutting Edge Features

  • Flashing LED LITE-BOX guides the user to the right pills. 
  •  Escalating Alarm will get louder and louder to accommodate seniors hearing.  
  • Huge capacity to hold pills of all shapes and sizes.

Your Smart electronic 7 day Pill Box alarm

Med-Q will repeat every thirty minutes until the medication has been taken.  Costs under 60 dollar.  Med-Q medication box to the Simple and Affordable.  As I told you, The Reliable Solution to Medication errors.  Watch the YouTube video and see for yourself 

programmable medication box
To conclude, the best programmable medication box for Alzheimer's

medication box for diabetes

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